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What are the Benefits to Municipal Court Mediation?

Mediation sessions generally take about 2 hours

Agreements reached through mediation have shown a 95% long-term success rate

Informal Process
Mediation sessions are guided by professional mediators and follow a general procedural format that allows for optimum problem-solving and communication

Neutrality and Fairness
Mediators are impartial facilitators with no personal stake in the outcome of the mediation session. Their job is to keep the parties’ attention focused on resolving their shared disputes in a timely, productive and fair manner

Each party is allowed to express their concerns and feelings in an open and safe environment

Parties agree that anything said within the context of a mediation session will be confined to that meeting. Mediation agreements become part of the court record and are maintained by the Municipal Court (subject to the Criminal Justice Records Act).

Repair relationships with neighbors and community neighborhood