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Mason Corridor

Midtown - Additional Information

Right now City staff is working with property owners, business owners, neighbors, business associations, and soon, the general public on how best to move Midtown into this new phase.

Below, you’ll find project information for the current Midtown Plan efforts as well as historical information about the Midtown Urban Renewal Plan Area (part of the Fort Collins Urban Renewal Authority) and the 2010 Midtown Commercial Corridor Study.

Learn more about the Mason Corridor and MAX BRT.

City Council recently reviewed draft concepts for the Midtown area.

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Midtown Plan


  • Enhance connectivity along and across College Avenue
  • Integrate the Mason Trail and MAX (BRT) stops with other pedestrian connections
  • Develop a parking strategy that supports desired densities
  • Provide clear guidelines for site planning, architecture, and massing of buildings
  • Identify and incentivize catalyst sites
  • Develop way–finding and signage plan

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Extensive outreach to stakeholders will be taking place in summer and fall 2012 in order to acquire input and feedback regarding:

  • Economics
  • Building Design
  • Automobile Circulation
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Circulation
  • Public Transit Access
  • Streetscapes
  • Parking
  • Landscape Opportunities
  • Parks and Open Space
  • Public Art
  • Way–finding and Signage
  • Redevelopment Opportunities

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Midtown Urban Renewal Plan Area

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The Midtown Urban Renewal Plan Area was created in 2010 to help businesses in Midtown redevelop or build properties to eliminate blight, and increase property values of the area through tax increment financing assistance.

The Midtown Urban Renewal Area has one active Tax Increment Financing district—just south of Prospect and north of Spring Creek. The Commons student housing and mixed use development is under construction and will open in late 2013. Learn more about this project and how the Fort Collins Urban Renewal Authority assists private investors with redevelopment costs that are value–added and have long term benefits for the whole community,

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Midtown Commercial Corridor Study

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One of the most common questions the City gets from community members is, “what’s happening to the mall”. The City doesn’t have any direct involvement with financing or administering shopping centers. However, an economic study of the Midtown Commercial Corridor, along College Avenue, from Prospect south to Harmony, including the Foothills Mall area to just south of Harmony, was conducted in 2010 and addresses aging shopping centers, connections to arterials and streetscapes, and suggests tools and tactics for moving the area forward.

The City is already acting on some of the recommendations of the study to encourage redevelopment in the Midtown Commercial Corridor. Read the Midtown Commercial Corridor Study. An existing conditions study was conducted shortly after the study was released resulting in the establishment of the Midtown Urban Renewal Plan Area; a public/private partnership is under review with the new owners of Foothills Mall; and the current Midtown Plan will address suggestions for updates in City Codes, public infrastructure, streetscape and public spaces.

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