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Historic Preservation

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"The Greenest Building is the One Already Built"

Historic preservation is one of the most important components of sustainable development. By continuing to improve our existing building stock, re-purposing existing historic buildings, and reinvesting in older properties, we are combating climate change and postively contributing to Fort Collins' unique heritage and culture.

  1. Reusing and retro-fitting, rather than demolishing, older buildings conserves energy already expended to create them.
  2. Maintaining older properties reduces waste and impacts on our landfills.
  3. Historic homes often have inherent energy saving features incoporated into the traditional design.
  4. It is easy to adapt your historic building with energy saving features without destroying important "historic fabric."
Sustainable Historic Preservation Resources

The links below offer additional information on the sustainability of historic buildings.

Solar Panels on Historic Buildings

Thinking of putting solar panels on your property that is fifty (50) years or older? There are a few things you should consider.

  1. Panels should be flush with the roof
  2. Panels should be closer to the back of the roof