The Demonstration Gardens and Sites

The Dahlia Demonstration Garden

Featuring 60 Varieties

Pink Dahlia

This garden showcases the extravagant blooms of a multitude of dahlia varieties. Blooms begin in early summer and change continuously through late summer. Dahlias are removed each fall, divided, and stored for the winter to be replanted in the spring. And because dahlias are annuals in Colorado, new varieties are planted each year. The Dahlia Demonstration Garden is located at the entrance of the Friendship Growing Garden.

We appreciate the efforts of the Colorado Dahlia Society for maintaining this display garden.

Red and white dahlia.

Red dahlia.

The Daylily Demonstration Garden

Featuring over 150 varieties

Daylilies in July.

The Daylily Demonstration Garden is a showcase garden that features cultivars selected to demonstrate diversity among daylilies, including both early and late bloomers as well as repeat and extended bloomers. Cultivars were provided by volunteer members of the Northern Colorado Daylily Club; many of these cultivars come from their home gardens, while others were purchased and donated to the Gardens. All selected cultivars are ensured to perform well in northern Colorado. This garden can be found at the west end of the Visitor’s Center.

Plants are arranged in groupings to feature similar characteristics, such as miniatures, contrasting eye zones, unusual flower shapes, “spider” blooms, double-bloomers, and more.

We appreciate the efforts of the Northern Colorado Daylily Club in maintaining this display garden.

Wetland Demonstration Site

A one-third acre naturalistic planting

Located on the northeast corner of the Gardens, this naturalistic site features native wetland, riparian, and upland plants and provides visitors an opportunity to observe the beauty of wetland and riparian habitats while learning about their natural functions and importance to wildlife.

The Turf Demonstration Site

Featuring Five Varieties of Turf

The Turf Demonstration Site acts as an educational piece, showing homeowners different varieties of grass in Northern Colorado. The site features three plots, each plot consisting of five horizontal strips. Each of these strips is a variety of grass. The plots are planted exactly the same; the difference comes in the amount of water each plot receives.

The Turf Demonstration Site includes three cool-season grasses (a fescue blend, perennial rye, and hybrid blend containing Kentucky Bluegrass) as well as two warm-season grasses (including a Blue Grama grass and a Buffalo grass called 'Legacy') .

The site is designed to showcase various beautiful grasses while also promoting water conservation.

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