The Entryway Garden

Featuring Plants of the Plant Select® Program.

You'll pass through the four-season Entryway Garden as you approach the Visitor's Center. Take your time and enjoy this garden. Many of these plants are from the Plant Select® program.

In addition to the permanent plantings, this garden features three beds with different annual flowers every year. Here are just a few of the plants visitors will see:

  • In spring, you'll see bright blue blooms of ‘Crystal River” veronica, golden yellow flowers of ‘Mountain Basket of Gold’, and the white blooms of 'Autumn Brillance' serviceberry, 'Pawnee Buttes' sandcherry, and 'Clear Creek' yellowhorn. As spring progresses, find stately foxtail lilies and several different varieties of ornamental onions.

Clear Creek yellowhorn.

  • Summer brings the long-lasting pink of 'Coral Canyon' twinspurs, striking purple of several different salvias, and the soft apricot and pink blends of 'Morden Sunrise' roses.
  • In fall, look for the soft mauves of various sedums, swaying of ornamental grasses, golden black-eyed Susans and bright red hummingbird trumpet.

Hameln fountain grass.

  • Winter stays interesting with the evergreen leaves of Panchito manzanitas and 'Carol Mackie' daphnes, and the deep green needles of 'Mops' mugo pine and 'Arnold's Sentinel' Austrian Pine.

As well, you will notice our Hazel Smith Giant Sequoia, Sequoiadenron gigantium. This sequoia is native to the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. The species is hardy to zone 7 and can grow to 300 feet tall. This variety is more cold hardy (zone 6) and won’t grow nearly as large. It tends to winter burn here, developing reddish foliage on the south side.

If you enjoy ornamental gardening and would like to help us keep the Plant Select Demonstration Garden beautiful, please consider volunteering with Social Gardeners. Social Gardeners help out in all the ornamental gardens while enjoying spending time with and learning from other gardeners.

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