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High Plains Landscape Workshop

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Save the Date:  Saturday, March 5, 2022

The High Plains Landscape Workshop presented by Fort Collins Nursery is a one-day signature educational opportunity for inspiring smart home garden design, resulting in beautiful home landscapes in Colorado. Hosted by the Gardens on Spring Creek in partnership with the City of Fort Collins Utilities Department and Colorado State University Extension, proceeds from this important annual fundraiser benefit The Gardens.

Stay tuned for more information about this annual event!

Keynote Presentation:#

Hot Color, Dry Garden - How to Design a Waterwise Garden Filled with Color

Designing with color is exciting, but it can also be a little intimidating and challenging to know where to start.  In this keynote presentation, garden design expert Nan Sterman demonstrates all the ways to introduce color into the garden, from plants to architecture and accessories to details.  She will highlight ways to combine colors, where to find inspiration for color palettes and uncommon color combinations that work beautifully in the garden.  By the end of this presentation, you'll be ready - and excited - to add color to your waterwise garden.

About the Keynote Speaker
Nan Sterman is an award-winning garden writer, gardening expert and horticulturist, whose approach to garden design is uniquely her own.  Because of her biology background, Sterman understands the plants and the land in ways few other designers do.  As a California native, the seasons, soils and waterwise practices are in her DNA.

Sterman regularly contributes to regional and national publications, including Sunset and Better Homes and Gardens. In addition to her writing career, Sterman is a regular radio guest, has been featured on DIY Network television specials, and is the host of TV show A Growing Passion. 

Breakout Session One:#

Eric Olson Breakout Session

In this breakout session, participants will learn how to identify problems and promote simple solutions for improving water efficiency and adjusting the irrigation system for specific needs, like garden veggies and ornamental beds.

Jessica Thrasher Rain Garden Breakout

Cutting down on your water use does not mean removing turf and installing only rock! You can make changes to your landscape that save water and add beauty, biodiversity and habitat for wildlife and pollinators with a rain garden.

Mike Bones Breakout Session

Plants from steppe regions of the world are tough and resilient and thrive in harsh conditions. In this breakout session, participants will explore some interesting areas of the world and see some of the plants that just do their own thing without help from us.

Frank Kinder Breakout Session

In this breakout session, learn the secrets to working with HOAs to upgrade or convert landscapes to xeric, gardens or native grass and make irrigation upgrades.

Breakout Session Two:#

Just because plants share the same hydrozone, does not mean they should be planted together. In this breakout session, participants will examine drought-tolerant plant groupings that offer different garden passions.

Are you looking for more ways to save water in your landscape? In this breakout session, learn more about how installing rain barrels will provide you with an additional source of water that your plants will love!

In this presentation, participants will take a look at Colorado’s shortgrass and steppe ecosystems for great plants and sustainable ideas to make your landscape more biologically rich and able to stand up to climate changes.

Tony Koski Breakout Session

Grass selection and relatively inexpensive irrigation system upgrades can make your lawn waterwise - and beautiful!