Why Now?

Meeting our Community's Needs

Outdoor Arts and Culture in Fort Collins

  • Local residents struggle to find a unique outdoor gathering place that welcomes and invites them to enjoy the natural world, art, culture, and quiet solitude.
  • Lack of available outdoor space for cultural performances and community gathering is detrimental to continuing to build a vibrant quality of life in central Fort Collins.
  • The need for a green space to express our individuality and culture as a community is a vital component towards ensuring Fort Collins remains a top destination in Northern Colorado.
  • The Gardens offers that respite and a gathering place that provides greater depth of connections with nature, with art and performance, and with community.

Meaningful Experiences with Nature

  • A primary purpose of our organization is to promote environmental stewardship. We achieve this by providing experiential opportunities for all ages to learn, engage, and connect with the natural world.
  • Recent research shows there is a growing disparity between the time kids spend indoors wired to technology and the time they spend outside interacting with nature.
  • The vast majority of today’s kids uses a computer, watch TV, or play video games on a daily basis, but only about 10 percent say they are spending time outdoors every day, according to a nationwide poll from The Nature Conservancy (August 2011).
  • The data suggests that if American youth are given more opportunities to have a meaningful experience outdoors, they will be more likely to value nature, engage with it, and feel empowered to sustain it.

Environmental Stewardship and Conservation

  • As Fort Collins’ botanic garden, the Gardens on Spring Creek houses a living collection of native and adapted plants. With the addition of five acres of new gardens, this plant collection is expected to double.
  • New species will be trialed, new ecosystems (prairie and foothills) will be demonstrated, and our plant palette will expand significantly.
  • With only 15" of precipitation per year and continual drought cycles, one of our new gardens, the Undaunted Garden, will be instrumental in educating residents how to garden appropriately in our high desert environment.
  • A member of the American Public Gardens Association, The Gardens will work with our colleagues across the country to document and expand our plant collection.

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