Being a Good Neighbor

The Gardens is committed to its mission by providing excellent community programs while minimizing impacts to our neighbors – specifically regarding activities that may take place in the Great Lawn. Here are some of the concerns we’ve heard and how they are being addressed:

1. I’m concerned about additional noise and crowds. Are there plans to buffer nearby neighborhoods from these?
We heard concerns about this issue and have implemented elements into the plan to address this. They include:

  • All music concert events will end by 8 p.m. to comply with the City’s sound ordinance rules. A maximum of 8 concerts may be held in one year.
  • City of Fort Collins code compliance officers and gardens staff will monitor and document sound readings during events. These compliance officers will work directly with sound technicians to adjust volume outputs as necessary to keep within ordinance rules.
  • An area for up to three food trucks to park and plug in so as to minimize generator use and noise.

2. How many people will The Gardens completion hold, specifically the Great Lawn?
There will be an attendance cap (maximum) of 1,500 persons for ticketed concert events. This cap will be managed and regulated through ticket sales. Learn more about 1,500 capacity.

3. How will you stop people from loitering in Lilac Park to the north during concerts?
The Gardens will work with City of Fort Collins Police and Parks Departments to minimize loitering in the park during concert events. Several options exist depending upon the extent of the issue: event security will be hired to staff the event and the perimeter trails; we may temporarily close the portion of the park closest to The Gardens while leaving the trail open for trail users. Security would monitor.

4. Where will people park?
Event parking will be coordinated with Colorado State University and Natural Resources Research Center utilizing neighboring lots. If necessary, shuttles will be coordinated with TransFort and crossing assistants will be provided. No public on-street parking shall be strictly enforced during concert events on Centre Avenue and on streets in the Windtrail and Sheely Neighborhoods. A parking enforcement plan will be developed in collaboration with the neighbors.

5. How will you work with and communicate with the neighbors?
Closely. We propose the creation of a Neighborhood Advisory Committee that will bring neighborhood issues to The Gardens and facilitate communication from The Gardens to the neighborhood. A hotline for neighbors to call during Gardens events and rentals will be created.

7. Will alcohol sales be allowed?
Yes. Any alcoholic beverages sold during concert events shall require a professional concessionaire to serve and follow all associated regulations and monitoring as required with alcoholic beverage sales at other community facilities within the City of Fort Collins.

8. Isn’t this project in the floodplain? How are you able to build in the floodplain?
Yes, portions of this property are located in the FEMA regulatory 100-year floodplain and floodway for Spring Creek. All development within the floodplain, including ours, comply with the floodplain regulations in the municipal code and do not cause a rise in the base flood elevation.

9. What is the timeline of Phase 1 of the project?
We plan to break ground in fall 2017 and plant the new gardens in spring and fall of 2018.

10. How much will the project cost?
The project costs $2.5 million; over $2 million has been raised to date.

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