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FC Moves

Midpoint Dr. – S. Timberline Rd. to Sharp Point Dr.#

Project Overview#

The City of Fort Collins will be repaving and restriping Midpoint Dr., from S. Timberline Rd. to Sharp Point Dr. in Spring and Summer 2021. As part of the repaving, we will be restriping the street to add bike lanes and sharrows, as identified in the City’s Bicycle Master Plan.

The new striping plan is intended to help facilitate a safer roadway for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, people using micro-mobility devices, and drivers. This change to the striping will also include removal of parking on Midpoint Dr.

Project Schedule#

The repaving and restriping will occur this Spring and Summer 2021. Local access will be maintained at all times during construction.


Cortney Geary | Active Modes Manager | 970-416-2471 |
Nick Heimann | Specialist, Active Modes | 970-416-2628 |