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Sharp Point And Nancy Gray Connection Project

Project Goals

  • Provide a safe connection for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians across the Great Western Railroad tracks
  • Provide Emergency Services multiple ways to access nearby neighborhoods and businesses
  • Connect the area to the south with the Poudre River Trail north of the tracks
  • Reduce current and future traffic congestion partially due to recent developments in the area


The City Master Street Plan identifies Sharp Point Drive and Nancy Gray Avenue connected across the Great Western Railroad tracks. In recent years, the connection has become a priority due to recent developments to the south. Emergency services including Fort Collins Police and the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office are located very close to this project, and will benefit greatly from having multiple ways to access neighborhoods and businesses.

The project will also provide a bike and pedestrian connection to the Poudre Trail north of the railroad tracks.

Project Status

The City has submitted an application for a new at-grade crossing of the Great Western tracks to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Due to Great Western Railroad opposition of the new crossing, the application went through a hearing process with the PUC. City Staff negotiated and executed a settlement agreement with Great Western. The PUC approved the crossing application in late 2018. City staff are investigating the possibility of getting a quiet zone designation for this crossing.

The City Engineering Department and design consultant have finalized design in order to make the project “shovel ready” to coordinate with railroad timing. At this point, construction scheduling is tentative due to railroad coordination.

Construction activity is anticipated to have little impact on nearby businesses and residences.


Transportation Capital Expansion Fee (formerly Street Oversizing) funds are the primary funding source. Additional funds were appropriated as part of the City’s 2015-2016 budget.


  • Engineering Design: completed early 2018
  • PUC Final Decision: approved late 2018
  • Railroad Coordination: ongoing
  • Start of Construction: 2018-2019

Construction scheduling is tentative due to coordination with Great Western. More precise construction dates will be added as they are determined.


Caleb Feaver, Project Manager
City of Fort Collins