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Arterial Intersection Prioritization Study

Project Overview

The City of Fort Collins Arterial Intersection Prioritization Study addresses citywide intersection needs, and is a data-driven approach based upon the importance of safety and congestion mitigation within City limits. The Study was originally funded by the 2005 voter-approved Building on Basics (BOB) quarter-cent sales tax. The ballot language stated this funding would be used to “improve traffic flow, safety and capacity at existing arterial intersections throughout the community.”

The final phase of the study is currently funded by the 2015 voter-approved Community Capital Improvement Program (CCIP) quarter-cent sales tax.

The focus of the study is to identify and prioritize intersections in need of mobility and safety improvements based on the following criteria:

  • Traffic Volume
  • Intersection Accidents
  • Intersection Delay
  • Pedestrian, Bicycle and Transit Operations


Orange = completed

Blue = under construction

Top Priority Intersection Projects

The draft Study was released in the fall of 2011, which included a Top Priority List of Intersection Improvements.  Design began in early 2012. The current status of the top priority intersections are listed below.

Horsetooth and Timberline -- Completed 2015
  • Total project budget: $5 million
    • $80,000 in BOB funds used to leverage $400,000 federal grant
    • $3.3 million in BOB funds used to fully fund project
  • Added four new turn lanes and traffic signal system, completed bike lane, landscaping and urban design

Harmony and Timberline -- Completed 2012
  • Total project budget: $350,000
    • BOB funds - $350,000
  • Federal Grant - none
  • Added eastbound to southbound right-turn lane

Shields and Westbury -- Completed 2013
  • Total budget: $385,000
    • $385,000 in BOB funds
    • Federal grant – none
  • Widened intersection to 4-lane arterial standards

Drake and Shields -- Completed 2015
  • Total project budget: $1.1 million
    • BOB - $200,000
    • Grant - $900,000
  • Added northbound and southbound right-turn lanes at Drake and Shields; made safety and access improvements at Shields and Davidson

Kechter and Timberline -- Completed 2014
  • Total budget: $600,000
    • BOB - $525,000
    • Grant - none
    • Developer contribution - $75,000
  • Added northbound and southbound right-turn lanes

Harmony and Lemay -- Completed 2012
  • Total budget: $700,000
    • BOB - $350,000
    • Grant - none
    • Harmony maintenance fund - $350,000
  • Added three new turn lanes

Drake and Lemay -- Completed 2012
  • Total budget: $400,000
    • BOB - $200,000
    • Grant - $200,000
  • Added westbound to northbound right-turn lane

Mulberry and Lemay -- Completed 2015
  • Total budget: $500,000
    • BOB - $500,000
    • Grant Funding - none
  • Added second southbound to eastbound left-turn lane, landscaping and urban design

Vine and Shields -- Completed 2015
  • Total budget: $2.6 million
    • BOB - $1 million
    • Grant - $1.1 million
    • Other - $500,000
  • Replaced substandard signalized intersection with modern roundabout, landscaping and urban design

Prospect and Timberline -- Completed 2016
  • Total budget: $5 million
    • BOB - $4.8 million
    • Other - $200,000
  • Constructed right-turn lane improvements, safety and access improvements, raised medians, landscaping and urban design.
  • This project was identified in sales tax ballot language. 

Prospect and College -- Completed 2017
  • Total budget: $5 million
    • BOB - $300,000
    • General fund - $2.7 million
    • Other City Departments - $1.2 million
    • Colorado State University - $800,000
  • Added three turn lanes, new signal system, raised medians, landscaping and urban design

Horsetooth and College -- Construction in 2018
  • Total budget: $7.5 million
    • Grant - $3.4 million
    • BOB - $400,000
    • Other - $2.1 million
    • Bridge - $1.6 million
  • Will replace bridge on West Horsetooth Road, add three new turn lanes, new signal system, raised medians, landscaping and urban design


Potential solutions and alternatives were evaluated to determine the best approach to meet community values.  The 2008 Citizen Survey and previously adopted plans and policies were used by Plan Fort Collins to identify the City’s community values related to transportation, which are listed in the table below.  For each value, measures were identified as a way to gauge how well community values are addressed.

Goals Tied to 2008 Community Values



Accident Reduction, Increased Multi-Modal “Comfort”


Right-of-Way, Accident and Delay Cost Reductions, Supports/Complements other Projects


Intersection Delay Reduction


Intersection Delay Reduction, Supports Adjacent Land Use, Accident Reduction


Consistency with Plans and Standards, Bicycle/Pedestrian Accident Reduction, Transit Connections


Benefit/Cost Ratio, Intersection Delay Reduction, Supports Non-Auto Transportation, Improved Air and Water Quality, Art in Public Places, Streetscaping

Economic Health

Changes to Freight or Rail Safety and Mobility, Accident Reduction, Potential “Grant Eligible” Projects


Grant Funding

The Study helped determine projects which are grant eligible. Ten of the top 13 projects have leveraged or are leveraging $7.3 million in BOB/CCIP funds to receive $6 million in federal grant funding. The grant funding specifically targets safety improvements, congestion mitigation, and air quality improvements.

The Engineering Department is currently working on the final phase of the study. A draft copy of the 2018 update will identify a re-prioritized list of intersection needs and will be available on this page when complete.


Caleb Feaver, City Project Manager, 970-416-4229, Y2ZlYXZlckBmY2dvdi5jb20=