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Dear friends, neighbors and colleagues - 

Last week the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment learned that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment will allow the County’s variance to remain in place. Cases of COVID-19 have stabilized over the past two weeks, and the goal was to reduce the rate of cases. The county and the state will continue to monitor the case count and other indicators for the next few weeks to determine if the positive case rate remains stable.

County contact tracers are seeing an increase in community spread, meaning that many people who test positive for COVID-19 are unsure how they became infected. This is a reminder that we must continue to be diligent with health and safety protocols in order to protect one another and keep our community open for business. Thank you for your continued efforts and your commitment to Fort Collins.

Take care,

Darin Atteberry, City Manager


Parking Enforcement Resumes
Parking Services has conducted three weeks of education, outreach, and information as part of the Business as Unusual campaign in partnership with the Downtown Development Authority, leading up to resuming regular enforcement efforts beginning Monday, Aug. 3. The goal is to continue to support economic vitality by ensuring regular and appropriate parking space turnover to help downtown businesses serve more customers.

  • To support longer term parking needs, Parking Services is offering “Three for Free,” with the first three hours in each of our three parking structures free (remember to initiate a parking session regardless of duration of stay).
  • Contact Parking Services for additional information at or (970) 221-6617
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Larimer County Mitigation Plan
The State approved the Larimer County Mitigation Plan. However, we still need to do all we can to #KeepNoCoOpen. New digital assets have been posted at Brighten up your social media posts (or your front door) with a colorful reminder that we all have a part to play in keeping COVID case numbers low enough to #KeepNoCoOpen!

Have Questions that Impact your Business? Chat with Larimer County Health Department
Larimer County’s state-approved variance allows businesses to open to a greater extent than many other counties in Colorado. Join this question and answer session with the Larimer County Health Department to get an update on the continued fight to stop the virus and answers to your questions about doing business in our current environment. All businesses are invited to join us for the next 1-hour session, Thursday, August 13th, at 2:00 p.m. via Zoom. To help make this session as informative and helpful as possible, please submit your questions in advance

Meeting Details:

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Ozone Action Season is Here
Summer is ozone season along the Front Range, and we see days where ozone pollution in our community is high. Ground level ozone can be particularly unhealthy for older adults, children, and those with respiratory conditions.

Ozone action alerts are issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health during the summer ozone season based on daily forecasts of conditions that produce higher ozone levels. These alerts help those who are most impacted by poor air quality and remind all community members to take action to help reduce ozone levels locally. Air Quality alerts are also issued if air quality is poor due to smoke from wildfires or other pollution.

You can sign up for alerts and view live air quality data on our website. Just like you check the weather before venturing outdoors you should also check the air quality!

There are many ways you can take action to help reduce ozone pollution and keep the air we breathe healthier:

  • Combine car trips
  • Use alternative transportation: Walk, bike, carpool, bus, scooter etc.
  • Fill your vehicle up with gas in the cooler morning or evening hours, don’t top off at the pump
  • Reduce idling: Turn off your ignition if waiting for more than 30 seconds, especially when stopped at trains or waiting for curbside pick-up orders
  • Mow your lawn in the evenings when the sun is low
  • Switch to electric lawn and garden equipment
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County Health

Larimer County Public Health's Risk Dashboard helps community members understand risk and COVID-19 data relevant to our county. The dashboard highlights the early warning indicators to monitor the health of our hospital systems and COVID-19 case data. Some indicators are updated daily, while hospital data will be updated three times a week.

Wearing a face covering is something we all can – and should – continue to do to protect each other. Wearing a face covering, even when you feel healthy, reduces the risk of transmitting the virus to others. Face coverings, physical distancing, handwashing, and frequent cleaning all help slow the spread of the virus and must continue in order to allow Larimer County to move forward with reopening.
Larimer County COVID-19 Risk Dashboard

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