Special Edition: Our Climate Future - Week 7


We’re looking for community members to brainstorm strategies to achieve our community’s goals for an equitable, resilient climate future that is prosperous for all.

Over the next several weeks, you’ll be receiving weekly special edition newsletters with ways to share your thoughts on how our community can achieve our goals and priorities. Each week we will focus on a new priority, such as affordable housing, clean air, water, healthy economy and healthy natural environment.

Week 7 - More Renewable Energy

Last fall, community members shared their ideas and concerns about renewable energy. Next week we’ll dig deeper into those thoughts and we need your input. Share your ideas with an anonymous survey, or dive deep and join in a workshop!

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    Share Your Ideas
     with an anonymous survey

    Take a deep dive during an hour and a half long workshop! 

      Want to schedule a special workshop about this topic for your organization or community group? Contact Jensen Morgan at jmorgan@fcgov.com or 801-649-9192.

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