What does the State's mandatory face covering order mean for your business?

The order requires people in Colorado who are 11 years and older to wear a covering over their noses and mouths:

  • When entering or moving within any public indoor space.
  • While using or waiting to use public (buses, light-rail) or non-personal (taxis, car services, ride-shares) transportation services.

People who do not have to wear a mask include:

  • People who are 10 years old and younger.
  • People who cannot medically tolerate a face covering.
  • Children ages 2 and under should NOT wear masks or cloth face coverings.
Businesses must:
  • Refuse service to people who are not wearing masks.
  • Post signs at entrances that instruct customers they must wear a mask when entering or moving around inside the business. Free half and full size signage are available for download.

Grant & Loan Opportunity for Colorado Small Businesses

The Energize Colorado Gap Fund will provide more than $25M in small business grants and loans throughout the state. Sole proprietors, businesses and nonprofits with less than 25 full-time employees can apply for up to a $15,000 grant and a $20,000 loan for a possible combined total of $35,000 in financial assistance. The application will go live no later than August 1, 2020.

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Keep NoCo Open for Business

Larimer County has recently experienced a sudden spike in local pandemic case numbers, and unless the numbers can be stemmed or reversed the County's variance granted by the State will be revoked. The benefits of the variance allows Larimer businesses greater flexibility and creates more opportunities to reach customers beyond the Safer-at-Home order.

The Larimer County Health Department stated that businesses must lead the way in preserving the variances by stringently enforcing the new statewide law requiring masks and by continuing to observe social distancing and restrictions on group sizes on their premises.

“If we continue to see cases rise, and early-warning indicators continue to appear, we could see our variance rescinded,” Larimer County Health Department spokeswoman Katie O’Donnell said on Thursday. “This would mean a roll back to the ‘Safer-At-Home’ phase from a state level, and a minimizing of the allowed business operations we were awarded with our variance.”

Have More Questions about Doing Business During COVID?

Larimer County’s state-approved variance allows businesses to open to a greater extent than many other counties in Colorado. Larimer’s Health Department continues to work with businesses to safely remain open or reopen. All businesses are invited to join us for the next 1-hour Q&A session, Thursday, July 23, at  2:00 p.m. via Zoom.

To help make this session as informative and helpful as possible, please submit your questions in advance

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