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In this issue of City News, you’ll find details on how to participate in local Fourth of July festivities, how you can safely enjoy river recreation and how a small gesture can make a big difference in making your neighborhood more welcoming.

- Darin Atteberry, City Manager

Business Safety & Face Coverings

Wearing a face covering is something we all can – and should – do to protect each other. Wearing a face covering, even when you feel healthy, reduces the risk of transmitting the virus to others.

How can you be a responsible consumer when you support and shop local? Visit for tools, resources, and ideas for both business and community members to help our businesses reopen strongly and safely.

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Have a Safe & Festive Fourth of July!
The City of Fort Collins is excited to share a schedule of COVID-responsible events planned along with partners across the City, and Northern Colorado region, to celebrate this year’s Fourth of July holiday. From hot air balloons to mini-concerts and an airplane parade, the day is sure to be filled with celebration. For a full list of the day’s activities and more information, visit

Remember, all fireworks, including sparklers and snakes, are illegal to sell, possess, or use in the city of Fort Collins.
Plan Your 4th

Chalk Across FoCo on July 4th!

Bring out your sidewalk chalk and let’s cover our neighborhoods with art and inspirational messages! Link your drawings with others along your sidewalk, street, and parking lot. Maps of walkable and bikeable trails in neighborhoods throughout Fort Collins will show you where to Chalk Across FoCo to create a fun art tour for the whole community.

The first 50 neighborhoods to register will receive free sidewalk chalk. Register your chalk art here. Prizes will be awarded for chalk creations in several categories!

Chalk Your Block

We Want Your Input on the City's 2021 Budget

The City’s biennial budget is created every two years using the Budgeting for Outcomes (BFO) process. For 15 years, BFO has helped the City identify and fund various programs and services to achieve different community outcomes. Each community outcome has specific objectives and performance measures that make up the City’s Strategic Plan, and every funded budget item has to impact at least one of those objectives. The Strategic Plan is also updated every two years through extensive community engagement to ensure funded programs and services reflect the desires of the community. City Council unanimously adopted the 2020 Strategic Plan earlier this year.

Due to the economic uncertainty related to COVID-19, the City will create a one-year 2021 recommended budget that City Council will consider this fall. Typically, the City does robust outreach prior to publishing the City Manager’s recommended budget. Given the constrained timeline and the shift to a one-year budget, this year’s engagement will be a little different. Opportunities for you to help shape the recommended budget will be available starting in mid-July, with additional opportunities to provide feedback directly to City Council throughout the fall as they consider and modify the recommended budget before final adoption in November.

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Beat the Buzz with the 4 Ds

This summer, take steps to protect yourself and loved ones from West Nile virus (WNV) with four easy steps known as the 4 Ds.

  • Drain: Mosquitoes breed in water! Drain any standing water in your yard each week. Bird baths, clogged gutters and kiddie pools are common breeding sites.
  • Dress: Wear lightweight, long-sleeved shirts and long pants while outdoors. Spray clothing with insect repellent since mosquitoes may bite through clothing.
  • Defend: Apply insect repellent sparingly to exposed skin. Use an approved repellent according to its label.
  • Dusk Through Dawn: Limit time spent outdoors from dusk through dawn, when mosquitoes are most active and feeding.

While there are no guarantees that you will not get WNV, using the Four Ds helps minimize the risk.

West Nile vector index data and risk maps are updated weekly at

Sign Up for Alerts:
You can also sign up at to receive phone, text or email notifications in the event that the City of Fort Collins decides to spray for mosquitoes.

Email or Phone Call Alerts: Create an account and under "My Alert Subscriptions" click "Community Alerts" and then check the "Fort Collins" box and check "West Nile Virus Spraying" to receive alerts.

Text Alerts: To receive a text message alert, simply text FCWNV to 888-777.

Protect Yourself from West Nile Virus

Help Us Achieve a Resilient and Equitable Climate Future

We need collective action! We’re asking community members for their ideas on how to achieve the community’s goals around waste, energy and climate as part of the next phase of Our Climate Future. This new phase of engagement builds upon priorities identified last fall, which include sustainable transportation, reuse and recycling, renewable energy, equity and inclusion, and more.

Collective action works! We’ve seen how it helped us flatten the curve in Fort Collins and we’re seeing how it is elevating the voices of people of color to combat systemic racism in America. Collective action can also be a powerful tool to ensure our climate future is equitable, resilient and prosperous for all.

Share Your Ideas Now

Life Saving Tips for Enjoying the Poudre River

The Cache la Poudre River and the 17 natural areas along its banks are community treasures. The river water is also cold, powerful and unpredictable. After several deaths on the river, local organizations are working to make river recreation safer and communicate the dangers.

While the river is never “safe,” these tips could save your life when boating, tubing or swimming.

Wear a Life Vest

  • Use proper flotation devices
  • Wear shoes and a helmet
  • Don’t tie anything to yourself or to your tube/raft/kayak

Safe to Go?

  • Know the weather and water conditions
  • Poudre River water is melted snow – it is always cold!
  • Avoid logs, branches, rocks and debris

Know Where You Are

  • Take a map
  • Scout your route and plan your take-out location before you get in the river

Float Sober, Float Safe

  • Alcohol and drugs impair judgement

Be Courteous

  • Pack it in; pack it out
  • Share the river with anglers, boaters and other visitors

What if You Flip?

  • Do not stand in the river – avoid foot entrapment
  • Float on your back with feet pointing down river and toes out of the water
  • Use your arms to paddle to shore
Play It Safe on the Poudre

Neighborhood Services Offers Welcoming Neighbor Signs

The best neighborhoods are welcoming and inclusive, and everyone deserves to feel safe, to feel included and to be seen.

Neighborhood Services invites community members to share a welcoming message in the window of your home, letting your neighbors know that all are welcome on your block. Visit Neighborhood Services' Making Mr. Rogers Proud page to download one of three welcoming signs: Celebrate Diversity, Proud Neighbor and All Are Welcome.

Download Your Free Sign

Horsetooth Outlet Projects Works to Protect Our Water System

Protecting Our Future

In October, Northern Water and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation will begin the Horsetooth Outlet Project (HOP) to repair and upgrade the Soldier Canyon Dam outlet, a key component of our water delivery system.

HOP is a proactive and necessary maintenance project that will protect our infrastructure and water supply today and into the future.

How Will HOP Affect Our Community?

During HOP, it’s even more important to use our water resources efficiently. All residents can Help During HOP by stopping lawn watering and other outdoor water uses beginning Oct. 1.

When Will HOP Begin?

Work begins in October and is expected to last 30-45 days, likely ending in early December (weather permitting). This timing was chosen to decrease impacts to customers and landscaping and allow time for the work to be completed before winter weather sets in.

Questions about HOP? Contact us at, 970-416-8040 or V/TDD 711

Help During HOP

TRC Special Collection Event

The Timberline Recycling Center is partnering with local reuse company Chair Table Home, LLC, to collect gently-used furniture for donation to local affordable housing groups and other non-profits.

When: Saturday, July 18, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Where: Hard-to-Recycle Materials Yard at the Timberline Recycling Center (1903 S. Timberline Rd.)

Safety: While hosting this event, City staff are dedicated to protecting the health and safety of the public, staff, and volunteers. All community members participating in this event are asked to adhere to the following procedures and guidelines:

  • Remain in your vehicle at all times, event staff will unload donations from your vehicle.
  • Face coverings are required by all attendees. All staff and volunteers at the event will also have appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • Refrain from attending the event if you, or anyone in your household, are exhibiting symptoms of illness.

During the event, the Hard-to-Recycle Materials Yard will be open for regular business, collecting electronics, wood waste, scrap metal and more.

To see which items are accepted for this event, visit the Recycling website.

Recycle Your Furniture

FC Lean Assistance for Local Businesses
Since 2017, FC Lean has helped City teams increase efficiency and capacity while reducing errors and waste. FC Lean is pleased to extend their services to the community at no cost. Their “Process Builder” product can assist with an organization or business’ response to COVID-19 and its impact on work environments and procedures.

Process Builder helps with the following scenarios:
  • Taking an existing process and reimagining it to reduce the inefficiencies and to comply with safety regulations.
  • Assisting work areas in creating a process where no standard process existed before.
If you are interested in joining or have questions, please email
Improve Your Process

Halligan Water Supply: You've Spoken, and We've Heard You

If approved, the Halligan Water Supply Project would enlarge Halligan Reservoir, an existing reservoir on the North Fork of the Poudre River, to help meet the demand of future Fort Collins Utilities customers and provide added reliability to existing customers.

Utilities received approximately 60 public comment letters or statements on the Halligan Water Supply Project draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Conceptual Mitigation Plan. With the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Utilities is evaluating each comment to determine next steps for the final EIS. For a summary of comments and commitments moving forward, visit

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