May 14, 2019

You are receiving this because you are registered for Well Days 2019!

T1 Deadline is THURSDAY!!
The 1st Trimester Deadline is Thursday, May 16!

MAY 16

Make sure you have:
  • 100 Points each in Activities, Awareness and Behaviorcation
  • Both mandatory components complete: one BP and one complete Marathon HHRA

We're still working on loading a few points:
  • Recreation Passes - will be entered by the end of the week
  • Safety meetings - send them over if you have any
  • Stretch logs - send them over if you have any
  • TRT
  • Marathon Health points get loaded every Monday or Tuesday - Final report will get entered next Monday
Check Your Points

Final chance to earn your $50 Gift Card!

The deadline to earn your $50 Reward is MAY 16!

** Don't forget... This is a mandatory component for Well Days **

All BENEFIT-ELIGIBLE employees who complete the HHRA or HRA Annual Update will earn a $50 DBA giftcard! 

What Does Benefit-Eligible Mean?
Any City or Library emploeye who is currently eligible to enroll in benefits (medical, dental, vision) from the City of Fort Collins. 
You do not need to be actively enrolled in benefits to earn Well Days or the giftcard.

All spouses on our health plan who complete the HHRA or the HRA Annual Update will earn a $20 DBA giftcard.
Spouses need to log in with their own account.  

Spouse Instructions - Has done the HHRA previously (on CityNet)
Spouse Instructions - Has NOT done the HHRA previously (on CityNet)

Helpful links:
Instructions for How to do the HHRA
Health Assessment on CityNet

100 Awareness Points

Deadline is May 16

Log into Marathon Health

ONE blood pressure check needed!
A minimum of ONE BP CHECK is required for the 1st Trimester of Well Days. 
Check your points page, if "Blood Pressure Check (BP)" is in green, you are all set!!

BP check options:

Upload a note from your Dr saying your BP was checked, include the date. (No BP numbers needed)

Visit CityCare: Employees on our health plan may visit CityCare to get a BP check 

Upload a note from your DOT physical  saying your BP was checked include the date. (NO BP numbers needed)

Contact the Wellness Staff to see if you can stop by one of their offices to get your BP checked 

25 Awareness Points & Mandatory for Well Days

Wellness Team
215 N Mason
Fort Collins, CO 80524