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MAX Turns 5 Event and Future of Transit

Drew Brooks spoke with Nick Coltrain of the Coloradoan on May 11th at the "MAX Turns 5" event, and again on the morning of May 13th, regarding the success of MAX and the impacts of high frequency bus service overall. There was extensive discussion of the recently adopted Transit Master Plan, specifically short term goals, funding study, mobility hubs, innovations zones and "Mobility as a Service." The story is expected to be published in the next two weeks.

North College Pedestrian Project

Tim Kemp spoke with Miles Blumhardt of the Coloradoan today about the schedule and funding for this active construction project from the Larimer and Weld Canal to State Highway 1. Miles also spoke with Jared Feil (CDOT Communications Director) about the completion of the US 287 CDOT project. Miles will run an article this week which addresses both projects.

Sugar Beet Park Photo Opportunity

Craig Kisling spoke with Erin Udell, Coloradoan, regarding the possibility of a photographer being on site to capture the transfer of the sugar beet play structure to its new park site next month. Craig confirmed that the move will take place on June 3 or 4 and the photographer is welcome to attend. A story and photos will likely be released in the first week of June.

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