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These last seven weeks have been full of challenges for so many, and nearly everyone in Fort Collins has been impacted. I am so proud of the ways our community has banded together to support one another and protect the health of our neighbors. And as we slowly transition from Stay at Home to Safer at Home, there will likely be many more challenges for us to navigate, but we are in it together. 

In this issue of City News, you’ll find details on an upcoming plant sale, tips for protecting our waterways and how to see Pianos About Town in its tenth season.

- Darin Atteberry, City Manager

The Gardens on Spring Creek Annual Spring Plant Sale Goes Online!

The Gardens on Spring Creek and partners at the Colorado State University Horticulture Department are excited to bring you the 2020 Community Spring Plant Sale, reimagined to meet the current needs of our community. Plant and gift shop orders will be placed through the Gardens' online store, fulfilled by Gardens staff, packaged for you and can be picked up curbside at The Gardens.

The Gardens has grown thousands of plants for this sale, so you can find just what you need to grow a beautiful landscape, bountiful veggie garden and lively containers this spring!

Members-Only Shopping Days: May 5-6
Sale Open to the Public: May 7-21, while supplies last

View the 2020 plant list at

Inventory will be sold first come, first served, and certain plant varieties may sell out earlier than others. Gardens staff is happy to help by recommending substitutions or answering other plant questions you may have.

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Time-of-Day (TOD) Shifts to Summer Hours May 1

Fort Collins Utilities’ TOD residential electric pricing will shift to summer hours and prices May 1. On-peak hours are 2-7 p.m., weekdays only (weekends and major holidays are off-peak) from May through September.

Did you know that most customers use approximately 80% of their electricity during the lower-priced, off-peak hours? Learn what it costs to run common household appliances and electronics--some items may surprise you by using less than what you thought!--to provide insight into what shifts you can make that will help you save the most.

Learn more at, 970-212-2900 or V/TDD 711

May the Fork Be With You
Protect the Poudre, you must; the fork you must use! Join the community effort to protect our waterways from plastic pollution by using the fork - your reusable fork that is! And don’t forget about your reusable spoons, knives and straws, too.

When ordering takeout or delivery, let restaurants and delivery services know you don’t need plastic utensils. If you want to channel the fork further, head to to provide your input on how Fort Collins can reduce plastics pollution.
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The 10th Season of Pianos About Town Starts Soon!

Wednesday, May 13, marks the beginning of the tenth season of Pianos About Town, with artist Chelsea Gilmore painting the year’s first mural on a working piano. The project is a collaboration between Bohemian Foundation, Downtown Development Authority and the City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places. After they are painted, the pianos are placed around town for the community to discover and play, adding color and spontaneous musical happenings to Fort Collins. Artist Carly Knowles is shown here with her 2019 piano mural showing a camping scene on Cameron Pass.

Look for a new artist painting every two weeks in the Art in Action Tent, located on Mountain at the south end of Old Town Square. Eleven artists will paint murals on pianos downtown mid-May through early October, and two will paint at inside locations over the winter. So far, 120 pianos have been painted as part of the program, with another thirteen to be painted this year.

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Fort Collins Has a Flood History: It's Not If, But When.
While the primary cause of local flooding is intense rainfall between May and September, rapid snowmelt also can cause flooding on the Poudre River—and it’s good to be prepared.

Protection Tips & Resources:

Keep our Streams Clean and Healthy. Blocked waterways can result in flooding. City Code prohibits dumping in any waterway, including channels, irrigation ditches and other drainage areas. Remember, only rain down the storm drain.

For more information or to report illegal dumping, visit, call 970-416-2632 or V/TDD 711.

View Floodplain Maps

National Wildfire Awareness Month: Create a Defensible Space

Nearly nine million acres burned in wildfires in the Unites States in 2018. As residents of Northern Colorado, we know that we are entering wildfire season. Sparks, rather than flames, can be the main factor in the spread of a fire. Sparks can travel a great distance and land in small patches of fuel such as leaves or logs; sparks are how fires jump roads and other obstacles. Use these checklists to get ready before a wildfire and to know what to do if one starts in your area.

Before a Wildfire:

  1. Know two ways out of your neighborhood.
  2. Create a defensible space - remove needles, leaves and other debris from the roofs, gutter, porches and decks.
  3. Stack firewood piles at least 30 ft. away from any structure.

During a Wildfire:

  1. Remove all flammable outdoor items from decks and porches (e.g. cushions, door mats, chairs).
  2. Close windows and vents to prevent smoke from entering the home.
  3. Bring your indoor pets inside and make sure any outdoor large animals are untied and/or not confined.
  4. It may be hard, but shelter in place unless you receive an evacuation alert or see eminent danger. Early evacuation often causes traffic congestion, blocked areas, and risky rescues for responders.
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COVID-19 City Updates

Want to stay up-to-date with the City's response to COVID-19? Consider the resources below: 

  • The City’s COVID-19 webpage, where readers can sign up for our daily COVID-19 newsletter
  • The City's homepage, where we continue to provide updates and news releases on City services and programs
  • The Utilities webpage, dedicated to the ways we are continuing to deliver reliable electric and water services for our customers 24/7 
  • The Economic Health webpage, where business and nonprofit support and resources are collected
  • City social media, where we publish near-daily and often real-time updates (see the bottom of this newsletter for links)
And if you have questions about COVID-19 and public health, you can call the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment at 970-498-5500 or text them at 970-999-1770.

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