March 2018
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New! ROOTS Club

All residents 12-17 are invited to join ROOTS Club!
  • Establish ROOTS in your community
  • Participate in grass-ROOTS stewardship efforts
  • Stay true to your ROOTS while branching out with new friends

ROOTS will meet about twice a month on Wednesdays from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. April-August at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. Monthly field trips are on Saturdays or Poudre School District days off (dates and times subject to change based on groups needs). ROOTS is for all youth 12-17 years old. It is free! Field trip transportation is provided and assistance with transportation to meetings is available. Learn more >>>

Connect People to Nature as a Master Naturalist Volunteer!  


Share your enthusiasm for natural areas!

  • Learn about local ecology and gain a sense of place.
  • Increase your teaching and public speaking skills.
  • Lead a variety of outdoor activities such as school field trips.
  • Form lasting friendships with other volunteers.

Volunteer opportunities are many and varied, and fit most schedules. Course fee is $172, eligible for partial refund upon volunteering. Class size is limited.

Register through Recreator, Activity # 207415-01. Classes start March 20. Questions? Contact Sue Kenney, 970-224-6118 or



Saturday, March 24th at 8:00 p.m. at Fossil Creek Reservoir Natural Area.

Each month volunteers from the Northern Colorado Astronomical Society provide telescopes for your viewing pleasure and share their knowledge about stars, planets, galaxies, and more. Dress warmly and bring a blanket or chair to sit on. Meet in the parking lot off Carpenter Road. Free, registration required. For weather updates, visit the NCAS website.

Bison Bison Cofee Supports Soapstone Prairie Herd


Support a true americano! The bison that live at Soapstone Prairie Natural Area and Red Mountain Open Space are the charity focus of the season for Bean Cycle Coffee. It will be available until the end of April. They made a special roast called Bison Bison and the proceeds support the Laramie Foothills Bison Conservation Herd, thank you!

Nature Note: Watch for Great Horned Owls


Great horned owls are already nesting in Fort Collins!  Nests of the largest owl that breeds in Colorado have been seen recently in Natural Areas.  Great horned owls lay between one to five eggs, which they will incubate for up to 35 days.  The owlets will then fledge in about six weeks.  Great horned owls do not build their own nests, instead they use nests of red-tailed hawks, crows, ravens or other birds.  Look for nests on cliff ledges, trees, or buildings.  Be alert for their presence in Natural Areas for they blend in well and are hard to see, but a real treat to discover! What other birds might you see? Take a look at the Natural Areas bird checklist here. Photo by Mark Yoder, thank you!


Nature in the City Tip of the Month


Nature in the City is the next evolution in conservation in Fort Collins. The program seeks to increase resident's connection to nature while enhancing wildlife habitat. To achieve this, Nature in the City activates innovative partnerships, policies, and projects.

As the days become warmer and longer, many people think about tidying up their garden for the spring. But if you’re thinking “I don’t have time,” we have good news for you...messy is in! Did you know that leaving dead leaves and sticks in your garden is one of the most beneficial things you can do for birds, butterflies, and other insects? Not only do dormant plants and leaf litter (leaves that are breaking down) provide food and shelter for birds and insects, they also provide non-migrating butterflies a safe spot to survive the winter. Decomposing leaves also provide insulation and natural fertilizer for your garden, minimizing the amount of water and supplemental nutrients you need. So next time you are thinking about cleaning up your garden during the colder months, think about reconsidering.

To learn more about gardening and high quality landscapes, you can find the Nature in the City booth at the High Plains Landscape Workshop on Saturday, March 10. The theme is “planting with a purpose,” and four professionals will speak about planting for ecology, edible landscapes, beauty, and communities. Learn more >>> 


naturalareaslogo.gif Natural Areas News is published on the first Tuesday of the month with occasional special editions. Newsletter comments are welcome. Please contact Zoe Shark, City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Community Relations Manager, 970-221-6311 or

To learn more about Natural Areas, visit our website.

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