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Welcome to City News. In this issue you'll learn how you can help shape the City's objectives and work plan, ways you can keep Fort Collins clean and safe during the changing seasons, and how Fort Collins Utilities is planning for future water supply needs. Thanks for reading.

- Darin Atteberry, City Manager

What do you like about Fort Collins? What could improve?

The City of Fort Collins is updating its Strategic Plan, and we want to know what's most important to you.

The Strategic Plan is the City's five-year road map that articulates community priorities, ways to measure success and aligns work across projects and departments. It will directly affect the development of the 2021-2022 City of Fort Collins budget and will guide the work the City does over the next several years.  

We need your help to see if we're on track, what we're missing and what you think are the most important issues facing the community. 

Please visit to complete a 5- to 10-minute survey about what you like most and least about Fort Collins, and what you think the community should prioritize in the coming years. You can also post your big ideas to share with other community members, and review the 2018 Strategic Plan to learn more about where we’ve been.  

The survey will close Nov. 15 – please take time today to help us understand what matters most to you. 

Tell us what you think!

Don't Leaf Them In Your Yard!

Fort Collins residents and businesses have many options for handling fallen leaves this time of year.

Leaves are excellent for composting, and residents and farmers also use them for animal bedding and to insulate plants and gardens over the winter. Neighbors can connect through social media networks such as Nextdoor and Facebook to exchange leaves for composting and reuse.

Fallen leaves can be recycled by local businesses, at the Timberline Recycling Center, or through the Larimer County Landfill Green Waste Program. Residential trash haulers also offer seasonal leaf and yard trimming collection through November for an extra fee. Contact your waste hauler for details.

Reusing, recycling and composting leaves helps the community’s zero-waste and climate action goals by keeping them out of landfills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Remember that leaves should not be raked or blown onto the street where they can clog storm drains, and that burning yard waste within city limits is prohibited.

Leaf Recycling Options

We Know Snow

Street Snow Removal

On average Fort Collins experiences 14-16 snowstorms per season. Some are small, and some are brutal, but no matter the size or time of day, City snowplow drivers are prepared.

During most snow events, the City focuses plowing efforts on Priority 1 arterial streets, such as College or Drake. Those major arterials connect hospitals and fire stations, and are the base of our transportation system.

After the arterials are adequately plowed and de-iced, drivers move on to Priority 2 collector streets, such as Remington and Swallow. Priority 3 streets include school areas and bus routes. Bike lanes are also plowed in coordination with the priority street system. The City does not plow residential streets except in cases of extreme snow accumulation that completely obstruct traffic or when a snow emergency has been declared.

This winter, remember:

  • Drive for the conditions. If you have to be on the road during a storm, please use common sense, slow down and be careful.
  • Share the road with cars, snow plows and bicyclists.
  • Refrain from passing any snow plow until it stops or turns. If you must pass, make sure there is ample room and a clear path to do so.

For a map of plow routes and to track the last four hours of plowing, visit, or follow the City of Fort Collins on Facebook and Twitter.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Because Fort Collins is a pedestrian-friendly community in every season, residents are required to clear sidewalks of all snow and ice following storms. This includes driveways and alley crossings, as well as ramps on corners. If a sidewalk is not cleared within 24 hours after the end of snow accumulation, the City may have the walk cleared and bill the property owner. Please make arrangements to have a friend or neighbor shovel your sidewalk if you will be away from home at any time during the winter months.

This snow removal requirement can be difficult for elderly or disabled residents. In an effort to provide assistance, Neighborhood Services coordinates the Adopt-a-Neighbor program, matching a neighbor within walking distance with a resident in need. To request assistance or to volunteer, visit

We Know Snow

Water Shortage Response Planning

Have you ever thought about how a water shortage could impact you or your business?

Fort Collins Utilities plans for each year’s water supplies and projected use very conservatively; however, severe drought and other events outside of Utilities’ control can happen. When we’re faced with a water shortage, Utilities enacts water use restrictions in accordance with the Water Supply Shortage Response Plan.

We’re currently reviewing the response plan and we want your input! Let us know your concerns about future water shortages, water restrictions and planning for a sustainable water future.

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New Art in Fort Collins

Public art helps give Fort Collins its unique identity. The City’s Art in Public Places (APP) artists work with City project teams early in the design of a capital project, so that artwork can be uniquely integrated into each project, sometimes even replacing existing elements of the design with handmade artworks.

Check out these new APP projects around Fort Collins:

  • Poudre River Whitewater Park – wave shelter by John Davis
  • Sugar Beet Park – play structure developed by Mario Miguel Echevarria with the project team and Earthscape; sugar beet inspired trellis canopy by Mark Leichliter
  • Fossil Creek Trail just west of College – flagstone sphere by Stephen Shachtman (pictured, in progress)

After the 2019 season, there will be 317 unique transformer cabinet murals, 120 painted pianos in partnership with Bohemian Foundation and the Downtown Development Authority, and 243 granite pavers sandblasted with drawings by community youth in sidewalks throughout town.

Get updates on Instagram at @focoart, and information and maps of APP artworks at

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Keep Fats, Oils and Grease Out of Your Drain

Did you know last night’s dinner can cost you thousands of dollars in home repairs and lead to nasty sewer backups? That’s what can happen when leftover fats, oils and grease (FOG) aren’t disposed of properly.

When FOG goes down a sink drain, it cools in the wastewater system and sticks to the pipes, creating FOG buildup that can cause backups.

Sources of FOG:

  • Meats
  • Butter, cooking oil, shortening and lard
  • Milk, cream, ice cream and sour cream
  • Gravy, salad dressing and mayonnaise
  • Peanut butter and frosting
  • Used grease from turkey fryers

Keep Your Drains FOG-Free

  • Pour cooled FOG into a sealable container and put it in the trash or take it to an oil recycling center.
  • Scrape food scraps into the trash or compost, if appropriate.
  • Soak up remaining FOG with paper towels and put them in the garbage.
  • Use sink strainers to catch food waste.

Learn more greasy facts at or call 970-221-6233. And, remember, FOG clogs.

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