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Read on to learn more about upcoming fall events!

  • Join FC Bikes for the Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts
  • Volunteer for the Linden Street Unveiling
  • Sign up for National Public Lands Day

Celebrate the New Linden Street

Come check out the renovated Linden Street! We'll be converting Linden to a temporary pedestrian street for the first time, complete with Live Music.  The event is to celebrate Linden Street opening up and the new hybrid capability. It's the only city street like it in Fort Collins. We are hoping the community comes and enjoys the music and supports the Linden street businesses. We are seeking volunteers to serve as greeters who will pass out a scavenger hunts to participants. We also need volunteers to serve as floaters and to help direct traffic from the square to Linden on Walnut. 


Join our Bicycle and Pedestrian Count

The City of Fort Collins is looking for volunteers for our annual Bicyclist and Pedestrian Count this September. This is an exciting opportunity to generate the data needed to prioritize future improvements for those who walk and ride bikes in our community. This project supports our community's commitment to making active transportation a viable transportation option for our growing city. This year’s counts are Tuesday, Sept 22, and Saturday, Sept 24. We are looking for volunteers to fill a variety of 2-hour shifts at several different intersections and trail locations throughout Fort Collins.

Help Us Out!

National Public Lands Day

National Public Lands Day is celebrated annually at public lands in the United States on the fourth Saturday of September. A signature event of the National Environmental Education Foundation, it promotes both popular enjoyment and volunteer conservation of public lands. Celebrate locally with the City's Natural Areas Department by volunteering on a project that seeks to engage the community in the repair of publicly accessible trails through the realignment of an existing trail not currently meeting sustainability standards and continuously suffering the effects of erosion. Volunteers will learn trail design, construction, and maintenance techniques that aid in and provide quality visitor experiences along public trails. Lunch, volunteer gifts, and a chance to win fabulous prizes will be available to those who stay for the duration of this event! 

Don't Miss Out!

Apply to be a Volunteer Naturalist

Volunteer Naturalists are highly trained volunteer educators who share their knowledge and experience with the community. As a Volunteer Naturalist, you will experience beautiful natural areas while you learn how to lead fun, hands-on field trips. An intensive training session of about 80 hours is offered each year. 

Volunteer Naturalists care about natural areas and have fun sharing their enthusiasm with others. During the training presentations by a variety of experts, field trips to natural areas, and opportunities to practice techniques provide naturalist trainees with the skills they need to lead fun, fact-filled, and meaningful field trips for all ages.

Please apply to be considered for the 2022 training.  Note, this training is a required 80 hours which will be offered Oct. 25-28, Nov 1,3,5,8,10,12, and a half day on the 15th.

Apply today

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