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The last week was filled with difficult news from around the world. We hope you were able to get outside in our little corner of it to enjoy the early March sunshine and appreciate the natural world around us. The CAP newsletter is chock-full as we have quite a few ongoing climate and sustainability projects for Spring 2022! 

This week in climate news, the second installment of the IPCC's (International Panel on Climate Change) Sixth Assessment Report was released on Monday, February 28th. The full 3,600+ page report synthesizes over 34,000 scientific studies related to global climate change impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability. Don't know where to start with such a large report? That is okay! These headline statements represent the overarching conclusions of the report, and the FAQ section details main concepts and findings as well.  

Remember, despite the often alarming science, there are solutions to climate change. The last section of the Sixth Assessment Report will be released this month, focused on solutions, with a full combined report available later this year. Read on for a more local snapshot of climate progress in our community and to learn how you can take action today through Earth Day Challenge 2022. Thank you for reading!

Honore Depew, Climate Program Manager

Changes to the CAP Newsletter

Starting in April, the CAP newsletter will become the Environmental Services Department Newsletter, a monthly e-newsletter filled with campaigns and information from the Environmental Services Department. This consolidated newsletter will combine the information you've previously enjoyed about climate action with air quality and waste reduction and recycling topics. 

OCF Catalyzing Event

Our Climate Future (OCF) is a comprehensive plan to simultaneously address climate, energy, and waste goals while improving our community’s environmental equity and resilience. OCF articulates an unwavering commitment to mitigating and adapting to climate change with a people-first systems approach. 

Are you passionate about the future of our community in times of climate change? Join two upcoming opportunities to connect, learn, and catalyze action. 

Attend the upcoming virtual Catalyst Event on March 31, 3-5 p.m. | Register 

Apply to become a paid Community Strategy Consultant | Apply by March 25 

Learn more at 

Register Here

Earth Day Challenge 2022 Has Begun!
What is Earth Day Challenge? 

The Earth Day Challenge is a fun, virtual competition to see who can lose the most CO2. Every pound of CO2 you reduce equals one point. Earn points to win prizes such as one year of free curbside composting or $200 in grocery store gift cards. Every household that earns 5,000 points will be entered into the drawing for this Grand Prize and will have a shot at other prize categories as well. Learn more about prizes and how the challenge will work this year at

A great way to get started earning points for the 2022 Earth Day Challenge is to sign up for a free home efficiency assessment through Larimer County. You may even be eligible for a free water-efficient toilet!

Since the start of Earth Day Challenge, participants have reduced emissions by a total of 870 tons of CO2e! That is the equivalent of eliminating the emissions associated with driving a passenger car around Earth's equator about 79 times!  This year, our goal is to remove 1,500 Tons of CO2 collectively!  This goal is well within reach, but we need YOUR help to expand the impact of the Earth Day Challenge even further! The challenge runs through April 30th, 2022.

Feel free to email Jacob Genuise at with any questions!
Create an account and start taking action!

Strategies for Sustainability: March Networking Events

The Sustainable Living Association and the ClimateWise reimagining team are hosting a series of networking events in March for businesses of all sizes to talk about strategies for sustainability.

Join us for one of these upcoming events and be a part of SHAPING THE FUTURE of business resilience, equity, and sustainability in Fort Collins.

We'll DISCUSS the reimagining process of the ClimateWise program for businesses and showyou how it aligns with the city's goals. You'll LEARN how this effort is being co-created alongside local businesses and how you can benefit from this new program.YOUR input is valuable to us, and we look forward to your thoughts, ideas, and guidance.  We hope to see you at one of these upcoming events! 

For more information visit our website HERE or contact Dustin Spears at SLA.  Please feel free to share with other businesses you think may be interested in participating.

March Networking & Discovery Events with In-Person and Virtual Options


March 9th at Innosphere, 320 E. Vine in Fort Collins, 4-5:30pm with our special guest the Better Business Bureau.  Light snacks provided.


March 15th, Virtual Event via Zoom 2-3pm


March 17th, Virtual Event via Zoom 10-11am


Please Register in Advance HERE!

What do you want from your curbside trash and recycling collection?

Council has adopted several priorities to reach sustainability goals, one of which explores creating a community-wide contract for trash and recycling collection. This would mean that rather than each household selecting their own trash hauler, the City would contract with one hauler to service single-family homes in a neighborhood. There would be fewer trucks on each street, which would mean less wear and tear on roads and less emissions. If a household wanted to select a different hauler, they’d need to pay an opt-out fee. We are looking for input to help us understand what's important to community members when choosing a trash and recycling hauler, concerns about a city-wide contract and how community members would prioritize the potential benefits of a contract.  

You’re invited to take a questionnaire, leave comments or request a meeting with City staff at The City is also hosting two virtual Community Conversations where City staff will share findings from previous Fort Collins studies and other Colorado cities that have awarded similar contracts, and answer questions from attendees.  

Learn more and register for a Community Conversation

Want to bring your neighborhood to the next level?

Next Level Neighborhoods (NLN) is an exciting opportunity to make a positive, lasting impact in your community. NLN Leaders collaborate with their neighbors to complete activities that build a sense of community, strengthen neighborhood resilience, and promote civic engagement.

Building off the strong foundations of the Sustainable Neighborhoods and Neighborhood Connections programs, NLN focuses on three pillars of sustainability (Environmental, Social, and Community Capital) to create a meaningful, comprehensive program that is fully customizable to fit each neighborhood’s unique personality.  

Participating neighborhoods will be supported by City staff and be a part of a growing network of NLN’s in Fort Collins. Throughout the year there will be opportunities for collaboration, recognition of achievements, involvement in city initiatives, and project funding. All participating neighborhoods will receive a Next Level Neighborhoods sign to display at their neighborhood entrance and will achieve badges throughout the year for completing activities.

More details can be found at our website and this video.Timeline for applications: 

2/22: Applications open

3/15: Applications close

Mid-March: Notification of selection


Next Level Neighborhoods (NLN) es una emocionante oportunidad para lograr un impacto positivo y duradero en su comunidad. Los líderes de la NLN colaboran con sus vecinos para llevar a cabo actividades que construyan un sentido de comunidad, fortalezcan la resistencia del vecindario y promuevan el compromiso cívico.

Partiendo de las sólidas bases de los programas Vecindarios Sostenibles y Conexiones Vecinales (Sustainable Neighborhoods and Neighborhood Connections), NLN se centra en tres pilares de la sostenibilidad (medioambiental, social y económico) para crear un programa significativo e integral que se puede adaptar totalmente a la personalidad única de cada vecindario.  

Los vecindarios participantes contarán con el apoyo del personal de la ciudad y formarán parte de una red creciente de NLN en Fort Collins. A lo largo del año habrá oportunidades de colaboración, reconocimiento de logros, participación en iniciativas de la ciudad y financiación de proyectos.  Todos los vecindarios participantes recibirán un póster de Next Level Neighborhoods para exhibirlo en la entrada de su vecindario y conseguirán insignias a lo largo del año por haber completado actividades.

Más detalles aquí o este video.

Cronología de las aplicaciones:

2/22: Aplicaciones abiertas

3/15: Cierre de aplicaciones

Mediados de marzo: Notificación de selección

Apply for NLN

Sustainability Services
222 Laporte
Fort Collins, CO 80521