Climate Action Plan Newsletter

Welcome to 2022 and the Fort Collins Climate Action newsletter on this snowy day! This is going to be a big year for shared leadership and community building, as our community must both accelerate and sustain our dedication to climate work.

Read on for inspiration to take action in your everyday life through the Earth Day Challenge and Shift Your Water campaigns. And learn how to attend a virtual workshop – or several – this month to help guide the future of a Climate Smart Larimer County.

Thank you for reading and for all you do on this journey we take together,

Honore Depew

Climate Program Manager

Want to have an impact?
We are excited to announce that we will be launching the 3rd Annual Earth Day Challenge in mid-February 2022! We are adding a new component of the challenge, the Team Leader Program. Sign up before Feb. 14 to join!

Before the launch, the City is looking for community members who want to help lead the action with their family and friends. People who are passionate about climate action, want to make a difference, and motivate others to take action too. Not to mention, Team Leaders who attend two training workshops will be eligible to win cool prizes like an e-bike, grocery store gift cards, and more. Learn more about the Team Leader program here.

Let us know you want to be a Team Leader by filling out this signup form. Know somebody else who might be interested in being a Team Leader? Feel free to share the signup form with them!

What is the Earth Day Challenge?

The Earth Day Challenge is a fun, annual competition to encourage you to make more sustainable choices while saving yourself time, energy, and money. The City of Fort Collins is challenging every household to lose 5,000 pounds of CO2, greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change, by the end of April 2022. That would be like consuming 255 less gallons of gasoline in your car a year! You and your friends can start earning points at Every pound of CO2 reduced equals one point gained. You can even create teams who compete against each other to earn the most points.

Sign up to be a Team Leader

Shift Your Water | Free Toilet!
Make a simple shift for water conservation! Sign up for a free home efficiency assessment with the experts at Larimer County Conservation Corps today to get water-efficient products installed in your home and see if you're eligible for a free new toilet.

What is a home efficiency assessment?

Assessments last 1-2 hours. During a Home Efficiency Assessment, corps members educate residents about water and energy efficiency practices and services as well as retrofit water-conserving showerheads and faucet aerators, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, clotheslines, light bulbs, furnace air filters, and high-efficiency toilets based on residents needs. All corps members are trained and adhere to current COVID-19 protocols.

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Climate Smart Larimer County

Since kicking off the Climate Smart Larimer County outreach phase in mid-November, we’ve heard from about 600 county residents and businesses owners. Thanks to the many comments received, we now have a better idea on ‘where our community stands on climate change.’ Check out this summary of the preliminary responses received. 

Call to Action!  

We are now moving into the next engagement series, ‘understanding how the community wants to address climate change.’ At this stage, we are inviting county residents and workers like you to participate in a series of community workshops to help us review and prioritize a series of preliminary climate friendly strategies that may affect you, your family, and/or businesses. 

Register Here

The workshops will be all online (via Zoom), take place over four days (February 8-9 and 15-16) at three different time slots each day (4:30, 5:30, and 6:30 pm), and include two sessions in English and one in Spanish for each of the topics mentioned below. Those interested in contributing to each topic can sign up for as many workshops as desired or wait until Feb 8 for the release of a questionnaire that will mimic all questions asked in the workshops. 

Workshops Topics 
  • OUR HOMES & ECONOMY: Most of us spend more time at home and work than at any other place. Finding climate friendly ways to improve the way we run our homes and economy can reduce our household/business expenses (energy, water, waste mgt.) and impact on the environment while improving comfort and efficiency. 
  • HOW WE MOVE: We all move around to work, learn, shop, recreate, and worship. Businesses that provide us with goods and services also move people and products around. Finding climate friendly ways to improve how we move people and goods can affect the costs, accessibility, impact, and quality of our transportation options. 
  • NATURE & LAND: Nature and land provide many benefits to communities, such as open spaces, natural resources, agriculture, and access to housing, services, and opportunities. Finding climate friendly ways to improve how we use and care for nature and the land can affect access to services and food as well as the availability and quality of natural resources.
  • OUR WELLBEING: Regardless of whether we are at home, at work, or out and about, we want to be sure that our health and safety are protected and improved. Finding climate friendly ways to improve our wellbeing can result in better air and water quality, water availability, as well as better preparation for and response to natural disasters. 
We know that finding ways to improve each of these areas is important to all, for this reason, we hope to see many of you register for the workshops!
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