Larimer County Public Health Order Requiring Masks in Public Indoor Spaces

Masks or face coverings are now required to be worn in public indoor spaces in Larimer County.  Larimer County Public Health officials have issued this order to help slow the transmission of the virus. Those who are not yet vaccinated are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated without delay.   

Why Universal Masking?  

Recently, local hospital ICUs have been operating at or above 100% of the level of customary care, while fewer residents have been getting vaccinated. Currently, 40% of patients in the ICU have COVID-19 and 90% are unvaccinated. Universal mask wearing can help slow transmission of the virus and relieve local hospitals while more people get vaccinated.  

All businesses must post clearly visible signs at public and staff/employee entrances informing customers, guests, visitors, and employees of the requirement to wear a face covering inside. Examples of approved signage:

Vaccine Verified Facility & Event Program  

Facilities and businesses that wish to implement mandatory vaccination policies for staff, patrons, and guests have the opportunity to apply to become an Approved Vaccine Verified Facility and be exempted from the mask requirements with approval from Larimer County Public Health and Environment (LCDHE).   

More information about the program, including how to apply can be found here.   

Additional Information

Small Business Programs and Support Events

The Office of Economic Development and International Trade offers help to existing and new businesses. They provide free confidential consulting and no or low-cost training programs. Read below for October programming:

Intro to Employee Ownership  October 27 | 11:30 am to 12:30 pm - In addition to a short presentation about all forms of employee ownership, these sessions will include open office hours where you can drop in (virtually) to ask questions about exploring or pursuing employee ownership.

2021 Small Business, Big Connections October 28 | 4 pm to 6 pm - Connect and hear first-hand from entrepreneurs who have found success.

More Resources Here

Transportation - Are You Reviewing Your Hiring Practices?

If you are struggling to fill positions make sure you have the most up-to-date wage information. Right now, Transportation wages are changing in Northern Colorado. Connect with Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development to ask additional questions and to find untapped labor pools in Colorado and nationally.

Average Wage:

  • Heavy and Tractor-Trailor Truck Drivers: $21.65/h
  • Public Transportation/Bus Driver: $22.89/h
  • School Bus Driver: $17.24/h
  • Locomotive Engineer: $27.96/h

Interesting Fact: Baby Boomers occupy a very large percentage of senior management positions in transportation and logistics companies. This is creating opportunities for advancement now and in the near future. Entering the industry now will provide you the knowledge and experience to grow into these leadership positions in the near future.

Don’t assume a candidate knows what it’s like to work for your business. Promote your health, vacation, and retirement benefits, your investment in their future education, as well as your team-oriented culture. 

More Hiring Help

Help End The Pandemic Faster - Get Vaccinated

74% of Larimer County residents ages 16+ and 73% of residents 12+ have received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine! 

Every person who gets the vaccine helps stop COVID-19 from spreading, helping our community stay healthy and our businesses thriving.

Do your part and get vaccinated today at any of the dozens of locations available throughout Northern Colorado. 

Available Community Vaccination Clinics

Things to Know & Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Events: 

    • Business Q&A with Larimer’s Health Department - All businesses are invited to join the County on the fourth Thursday of each month. Join the 1-hour session on Thursday, October 28 at  2 p.m. via Zoom. To help make this session as informative and helpful as possible, please submit your questions in advance.

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