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April is always a special time in our community as we celebrate Earth Day, experience the early blooms of the many flowers and trees that we are so lucky to have in our community, and get to spend more time outdoors with friends and families. A year ago, we were all Staying at Home, and just as the plants are coming out of their shells, we are also emerging as a community while still remaining vigilant to protect our community’s health and safety.

In this issue of our CAP e-newsletter, we celebrate the leadership of now Former Mayor Wade Troxell in our climate action efforts and offer many opportunities for you, your family, and your business to make a difference. Whether that is in managing our own material consumption, getting more transparent about energy consumption, shifting our energy use with the new Time of Day hours shift, and much more.  

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Katsi or myself if there is more we can do to support you in your own climate action journey.


Lindsay Ex, Climate Program Manager 

Former Mayor Wade Troxell Speaks at Climate Mayors Event
This April, Former Mayor Wade Troxell shared Fort Collins’ climate action journey with hundreds of cities via Climate Mayors, a network of over 470 U.S. Mayors that is committed to taking ambitious climate action. Mayor Troxell shared how Fort Collins has punched above our weight class to become a global leader by setting ambitious goals and developing local solutions on climate change. He also shared about our commitment to centering our climate action efforts in equity via the recently adopted Our Climate Future plan, recognizing that climate change is a people problem that requires leadership at all levels to address. See more on the Climate Mayors network below.
Learn More About the Climate Mayors Network

Earth Day Challenge Celebration
Congratulations to all those who participated in the Earth Day Challenge this year! It is hard to stay engaged in things like climate action in the midst of a pandemic, but the need to make a difference has only grown over the past year, not diminished.

Your actions have made a difference. All of your collective work reduced over 200 tons of CO2e emissions through the 350 actions that were completed. That's the same as taking 43 passenger vehicles off our streets for an entire year. That is significant!

Thank you for joining in and having an impact over the past four months and don't stop now because Earth Day is every day.
Learn More About How to Take Climate Action

New Transparency Map from the Building Energy and Water Scoring (BEWS) team
Buildings generate nearly 40% of our community’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. If we can’t measure it, we can’t improve it! 

Business and people across our community work hard to make their buildings better, now it is time to brag a little. Check out the NEW transparency map from the Building Energy and Water Scoring (BEWS) team and check out one of the buildings you regularly visit. Adopted in 2018, this regulatory program continues to be a foundational strategy for greater insight into how buildings contribute to Our Climate Future. With the launch of this new transparency map, we hope that our community has better insights into the City's climate future goals.
Check Out the New Building Energy and Water Scoring Map

Time-of-Day On-Peak Hours Shift

It’s that time of year when our on-peak hours are changing. Starting May 1 through Sept. 30, summer on-peak hours will be 2-7 p.m., weekdays only.

Off-peak prices are approximately 70% less than on-peak prices. Save money by shifting your electric use to the lower-priced, off-peak hours or by reducing your overall use.

Larger appliances use more energy and cost more to use during on-peak hours. Consider shifting when you use larger appliances to off-peak hours or weekends:

  • Start the dishwasher right before bed or first thing in the morning.
  • Do loads of laundry and use your electric clothes dryer in off-peak hours or on the weekends.
  • In the summer, consider pre-cooling your home before 2 p.m. and coasting through on-peak hours.

You can use the MyEnergy portal to track energy use, find new ways to save and earn rewards at  

Did you know, throughout the year, most customers use over 80% of their electricity during off-peak hours when prices are lowest? Save money by shifting your electric use to the lower-priced, off-peak hours or by reducing your overall use. Learn more about TOD rates and get energy saving tips at

Learn More About Energy Savings

Water Shortage Watch in Effect

A Water Shortage Watch has been issued for Fort Collins Utilities water customers.

As we enter runoff and thunderstorm season, we’re likely to see sediment and ash from the Cameron Peak Fire in the Cache la Poudre River. In these situations, we have the flexibility to rely mainly on water from Horsetooth Reservoir.

These source water limitations, in addition to irrigation demands during what is projected to be a hot and dry summer, have the potential to create a water shortage.

Help by taking voluntary actions now to lower water use at

Together We Can Make a Difference

Try Out the New Fort Sort Recycling Game
Ready to test your knowledge on what can and cannot be recycled locally? Celebrate Earth Day by learning what belongs in your recycling bin with our new waste sorting game! Become an unofficial recycling expert and help Fort Collins reach its Climate Action Goals by keeping recyclable items out of the landfill.
Play Now!

May the Fork Be With You

Did you know that Fort Collins voters recently approved a Disposable Bag Ordinance to protect our natural areas and waterways starting in May 2022? This will help stem the flow of plastic bags but what about other plastic litter already out there? Spring into action and help clean up our city by joining a community-wide litter pick-up challenge.

Use the Litterati App and enter code FOCO2021 to help clean up our community, keep plastic out of our neighborhoods, and collect community science data in the process! Visit the site - Pick It Up FoCo - for more details about signing up for the challenge.

Join the community effort to protect our waterways from plastic pollution by using the fork - your reusable fork that is! And don’t forget about your reusable spoons, knives and straws, too. 
When ordering takeout or delivery, let restaurants and delivery services know you don’t need plastic utensils. If you want to channel the fork further, head to to learn more about how Fort Collins residents and businesses can reduce plastics pollution.

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CAP Community Advisory Committee Member Spotlight: JD Murphy

JD Murphy’s family moved to the Fort Collins/Windsor area in the 1950s.  He attended CSU (when Old Main was still standing) and graduated with a BS and MS specializing in exercise physiology. He spent 23 years in the United States Air Force as a pilot and operated several businesses in Fort Collins and the surrounding area.  Currently he operates MedX Strong, a medical strengthening  program for people with neck and/or back pain.  He is married to Trish Murphy and has a 26 year old son who shares his interest in fly fishing.  JD has been interested in environmental issues since college and continues to study and follow the science and politics surrounding the issue.

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