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Welcome to the February addition of Volunteer News. 

Please read on to learn about:

  • Becoming a Master Home Educator
  • Joining the ranks of Native Plant Masters
  • A fun Earth Day Challenge

Volunteer Services Update
This has been a crazy year but volunteerism stayed strong.  In 2020, during a global pandemic, 3,897 volunteers donated just over 66,000 hours of time. That's an economic impact of $1.8 million!  Volunteers continued to help at Recreation facilities, natural areas, The Gardens on Spring Creek, Parks and more.  Fort Collins volunteers truly embody the qualities of a world class community.   Thank you!

Check out the newly rebuilt Volunteer Services web page to stay updated on all things service-oriented.  
Stay Informed

Healthy Homes Seeks New Volunteers

The City of Fort Collins Healthy Homes program seeks enthusiastic community members to volunteer to become Master Home Educators. This fun and informative online training will provide you with a wealth of information to prepare you to conduct healthy homes assessments. Each assessment helps improve the indoor air quality and safety of Fort Collins homes.

For more information on how to sign-up and learn more about the program, please call 970-224-6129 or email healthyhomes@fcgov.com.

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Become a Native Plant Master
The Native Plant Master Program in Larimer County educates the public about native plants in order to foster stewardship, sustainable landscaping and management of weeds that threaten native ecosystems. The courses for this award-winning program are taught in the field at local open space parks and natural areas in Larimer County using living examples of Colorado flora.  You will learn fascinating facts and uses of some of Colorado’s plants, sharpen your plant ID skills, discover how noxious weeds threaten native plants and wildlife, and interact with others who share your love of Colorado flora.
Native Plant Master

Earth Day Challenge

Join the Earth Day Challenge, an online climate action competition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Join as an individual or create a team and shift to more sustainable actions!   
What is the Earth Day Challenge?
The Earth Day Challenge is a fun competition to see who can lose the most CO2. Every pound of CO2 you reduce equals one point. Earn points to win prizes such as one year of free curbside composting or $200 in grocery store gift cards. Every household that earns 5,000 points will be entered into the drawing for the Grand Prize and will have a shot at other prize categories.

Shift Tip – volunteering for the City of Fort Collins or one of the many volunteer opportunities in the community is one way to earn points!
Steps to Play:

  1. Create an account at shiftfoco.com
  2. Create a new "Team" or "Community Group" or sign-up as an individual
  3. Pick actions you want to focus on this year

Take action and track your progress at shiftfoco.com


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