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A Brief History of Planning in Fort Collins
2008 South College Corridor Plan underway.
2008 Online Development Review Guide launched.
2007 City Council adopts North College Corridor Plan.
2006 Preliminary Design Review added to Development Review options. PDR is turbo-charged conceptual review intended for complex projects.
2006 Mason Corridor Plan approved for funding by Federal Transit Administration and Congress.
2006 City Council amends Harmony Corridor Plan.
2006 City Council adopts Northwest Subarea Plan.
2005 City Council adopts Northside Neighborhoods Plan.
2004 pdfCity Council adopts Downtown Strategic Plan.
2003 City Council adopts I-25 Subarea Plan.
2002 City Council adopts East Mulberry Corridor Plan.
2001 7 communities in Northern Colorado adopt the Northern Colorado Communities I-25 Corridor Plan & Design Guidelines for the I-25 Corridor.
2000 The City developes a Downtown River Corridor Implementation Program.
1999 City Council adopts West Central Neighborhoods Plan.
1999 City Council adopts Mountain Vista Subarea Plan.
1998 City Council adopts Fossil Creek Reservoir Area Plan.
1997 City Council adopts City Plan and Land Use Code (LUC is a prescriptive, New Urbanist-style development review system).
tbd GMA adopted.
1995 Bike Plan and Program adopted.
1995 City Council adopts Design Standards and Guidelines for Large Retail Establishments.
1989 City Council adopts the Downtown Plan.
1989 City Council adopts the West Side Neighborhood Plan.
1986 City Council adopts the East Side Neighborhood Plan.
tbd City Council adopts its first Park Plan.
1981 City Council adopts a Master Street Plan.
1981 Land Development Guidance System is adopted by City Council. LDGS was a negotiated, performance standards-style development review system.
1975 Goals and Objectives, a predessor of comprehensive plan, is created.
1974 City creates a Planning Department.
1974 City Council adopts an open space plan.
1960s City of Fort Collins hires its first professional city planner.