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Development Review Guide

Attend Final Staff Review

Final Staff Review and Revisions | Building Permit Plan Review

Final Plan Review and Revisions

City staff receive your plans and review them individually to determine if the designs meet applicable standards and codes, address any remaining comments and resolve identified issues. Like during PDP, the culmination of the final review is a staff review meeting where we come together to share our comments with each other and with you. You are invited and encouraged to attend the final review meeting. Our job at final review is to identify issues you need to address before we file your plans. Like during PDP, sometimes we discover conflicting comments. In this case, we resolve them at final review.

At the end of the final review, your planner will determine whether the plans are ready for recording. In some cases, small proposals or proposals with very well-prepared plans may only require one round of final plan review before recording. Most will need at least one round of revision review.

If you need a revision round of review, your staff planner compiles all of staffs comments and redlines into a packet that you can pick up at the DRC counter on the Friday afternoon or Monday morning following your staff review. (Please arrange this with your staff planner). In addition to the comment letter and redlines, your planner includes a revision routing sheet indicating how many copies of the revisions are needed when you resubmit.

Revisions are submitted to the Development Review Center and, as with initial submittal, youll need to make a submittal appointment. Comments from the revised final plans are discussed at a subsequent staff review meeting. This step repeats until staff determines the plans are ready to be filed.

To submit revisions, contact the Development Review Center at 970-221-6750 to schedule a submittal appointment. Bring your complete submittal package to the Development Review Center customer counter at 281 North College Avenue (southwest corner of College and Maple) including:

  • your response to the staff review comment letter,
  • plans per the revision routing sheet given to you after staff review,
  • any redlines you received after staff review, and
  • any other applicable documents.

If you have any questions about combining items or about whether a requirement is applicable, contact your Project Planner first. Incomplete submittals will not be accepted or will be held until complete, so be sure to contact your Project Planner if there is any question about the submittal requirements.

Comments from the revised final plans will be discussed at a subsequent Staff Review meeting. This step will repeat until staff determines that the plans are ready to be filed.

Building Permit - Plan Review

Once we receive your submittal at the Development Review Center, we enter the application information into Accela Automation, which initiates the review for all City departments and outside agencies.

Staff involved in building permit review includes Building Services, Poudre Fire Authority, Stormwater, Engineering, and can include staff and agencies like Historic Preservation and Larimer County Health Department, Refer to our complete list of contacts.

Plan review times vary by type of application. Minor residential construction/alteration permits generally have a 1-7 day turnaround time. Minor commercial projects generally take 2-4 weeks. All other permits requiring review generally have a 4-6 week turnaround time. Check the status of a building permit application online by searching for your project using your permit number. Alternatively, you can call the Development Review Center at 970-221-6760.

There are no meetings with a building permit plan review. Staff reviewers may contact you with concerns, but most will enter any comments in Accela Automation. Here, staff can indicate whether the project is okay to proceed or if it is on hold, awaiting revisions. Be sure to keep your eye on the comments in Accela Automation so you will know what needs to be addressed and when your plans are approved. Also, please note any resolved comments may remain visible on Accela Automation, so be sure to focus on the most current comments and review status.

Once all comments are addressed satisfactorily, the project is released and you can pick up your plans and move to the next step. You have 90 days from when the project was submitted to pick up your redlined plans at the Development Review Center. You will then have a maximum of 180 days between picking up your plans and calling for your first inspection. Redlined plans are required for the inspector's use in the field.

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