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Development Review Guide

Attend Staff Review & Make Any Revisions

Attend Staff Review | Revisions

Attend Staff Review

City staff receives your plans and reviews them individually to determine if the designs meet applicable standards and codes, address conceptual review comments and resolve identified issues. At the end of the review period is a staff review meeting where we come together to share our comments with each other and with you. You are invited and encouraged to attend this staff review meeting. Staff's job is to identify issues you must address before the public hearing. Sometimes we discover our comments are conflicting. For this purpose, we resolve any conflicting comments at the staff review meeting. Complex issues may require an additional meeting to resolve. Often, we discover opportunities to collaborate and find win-win solutions.

At the end of staff review, your staff planner determines whether your proposal is ready for a public hearing. Some some cases, small proposals or those with very well-prepared plans may only require one round of PDP review to be ready for a hearing. Most will need at least one round of revisions.

If the proposal incorporates qualified affordable housing, staff review time is shortened to two weeks (ten working days). Qualified affordable housing sells for no more than 80% of the adjusted median income (AMI). Contact a City Affordable Housing Planner at 970-221-6342 for information on additional incentives available for providing affordable housing.

After staff review, your staff planner will compile all comments and redlines into a packet you can pick up at the DRC counter on the Friday afternoon or Monday morning following your staff review. Please arrange the logistics with your staff planner. In addition to the comment letter and redlines, if you need a revision round of review, your planner will include a revision routing sheet which indicates how many copies of the revisions are needed when you resubmit. If your proposal is ready for hearing, go to Step 5. When you get to Step 6, you will respond to this staff review comment letter and you will submit the standard submittal items for final plan review.


After your staff review, you receive a packet of comments and redlines to help you prepare for resubmittal. Once you address the redline and comment issues, you are ready to prepare and submit your revisions for review. The revision routing sheet included in your staff review packet indicates how many copies you will need to submit. Copies are only provided to staff members who have made comments or who specifically requested them.

To submit revisions, contact the Development Review Center at 970-221-6750 to schedule a submittal appointment. Bring your complete submittal package to the Development Review Center customer counter at 281 North College Avenue (southwest corner of College and Maple) including:

  • your response to the staff review comment letter,
  • plans per the revision routing sheet given to you after staff review,
  • any redlines you received after staff review, and
  • any other applicable documents.

If you have any questions about combining items or about whether a requirement is applicable, contact your staff planner first. Incomplete submittals are not accepted or are held until complete, so be sure to contact your staff planner if there is any question about the submittal requirements.

Like with staff review, reviewers receive your plans and review them individually to confirm the designs meet applicable standards and codes and resolve issues identified at staff review. At the end of the review period is another staff review meeting where our comments are shared with each other and with you. You are again invited and encouraged to attend the staff review meeting. Staff may make comments identified as final plan comments. These do not need to be addressed prior to hearing but are offered to give you a heads-up. If you address these issues early on, you can potentially eliminate a round of review later in final plan review.

On occasion, when there are small or isolated issuesnot necessitating full routing, your staff planner will call for a casual review. Instead of another formal round of review, youll work with only involved staff (keeping your staff planner in the loop) to resolve the issue(s) in casual meetings as needed. Repeat Step 3 and Step 4 for casual review (typically once) until staff determines your proposal is ready for a public hearing. There are two types of hearings, an administrative hearing (before an Administrative Hearing Officer) or a board hearing (before Planning and Zoning Board).

Step 5: public hearing