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Development Review Guide

Submit Application & Sign Up for Pre-Submittal Meeting

Introduction | Developement Review Fees | Project Development Plans (PDPs) | Building Permit - Sign Up for Pre-Submittal Meeting


At conceptual review or preliminary design review, you received information to help you prepare for your formal application. Once you address those issues to the best of your ability, you are ready to prepare and submit your formal application for development review.

In your conceptual review or preliminary design review, your staff planner identified the type of development review application you need to submit. New applications for development review are categorized as follows:

  • Pre-application Hearing (City Council)
  • Annexation and Zoning
  • Rezoning
  • Overall Development Plan (ODP)
  • Project Development Plan (PDP)
  • Minor or Major Amendment
  • Basic Development Review

Development Review Fees

Engineering collects a transportation development review fee (TDRF). This covers Engineering, Transportation and Traffic's review of your proposal.

Planning Services collects a separate development review fee which covers all other departments’ review of your proposal. See the fee schedule for more information. See detailed information on full development fees, including building permit fees.

Project Development Plans (PDP)

Project Development Plans (PDPs) are the most fundamental and common tool in development review.

A PDP is the preliminary set of plans for proposals as small as a building change use and as large as a housing subdivision, shopping center or office park complex. The goal of the PDP is to establish specific uses of the land; the layout of landscaping, circulation and building location(s); the design of the building(s) and lighting; the layout of utilities and public improvements; and draft plat, if applicable.

The review of these plans culminates in a public hearing at which the hearing officer or Planning & Zoning Board may approve, approve with conditions, or deny the proposal. It is expected that approximately half of the total design work will be completed prior to the hearing—enough to show there are no fatal flaws with the proposal but not so much that extraordinary effort is put into the design before entitlement. The remaining half of the work is done after approval in the final plan review, described in Step 6.

Bring your complete submittal package to the Development Review Center at 281 North College Avenue (southwest corner of College and Maple) including:
- signed application form,
- your response to the conceptual review comment letter,
- plans for your proposal,
- any other applicable documents,
- review fees,
- sign posting fee, and
- APO (affected property owner) address labels and postage fee.

Using the submittal requirements and checklist, create and assemble what you need to submit. Each item on the checklist is explained in detail in the submittal requirements list. Ensure that you have the proper number of copies of each item and that all plans are folded properly. The standard number of copies on the checklist is required for a new application submittal. Once the proposal is reviewed by staff, your staff planner and engineer will give you a customized revision routing sheet checklist along with your staff review comment letter. Feel free to contact your staff planner if you have questions about submittal requirements.

Submitt items as separate documents because not all departments need to review all items. For instance, the post office needs to review your site plan but not your landscape plan. The water conservation staff needs to review your landscape plan, but not your site plan. If you have any questions about combining items or about whether a requirement is applicable, contact your staff planner first. Incomplete submittals are not accepted or are held until complete, so be sure to contact your staff planner if there is any question about the submittal requirements.

Once we receive your submittal at the Development Review Center, it is routed to all City departments and outside agencies to review it. These include any representatives present at your conceptual review or preliminary design review plus any other appropriate departments and agencies for individual review.

Start to Apply for a Building Permit

Sign Up for Pre-Submittal Meeting

Once you have made a formal development review submittal, you should sign-up for a pre-submittal code review meeting with Building Services. A pre-submittal code review meeting is offered for commercial or multi-family proposals but not for single-family residential proposals. Similar to conceptual review, the pre-submittal meeting is a free City service to assist builders and developers in identifying building code plan review concerns prior to formal submittal of plans for building permits. At the pre-submittal meeting, City staff will offer comments and answer questions on your proposal.

Pre-submittal meetings are scheduled for Tuesdays through Fridays at 10 a.m. No application form needed. A typical pre-submittal meeting will last between 30-60 minutes. Please bring your proposal's site plan and floor plans that are still in the design/development stage. There is no approval or denial associated with pre-submittal meetings. Topics discussed at the meeting typically include type of construction, allowable area, distance to property lines issues, fire-rated construction and accessibility concerns. A copy of the meeting notes is emailed to you for future reference. To schedule a pre-submittal meeting please call 970-416-2341.

Step 4: staff review