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Development Review Guide

Schedule Building Inspections

Building Inspections

Building inspections are required as part of the building permit process. Inspections done during the permitting process identify any problems with the completed construction. Owners can rest assured their construction is reviewed by qualified, certified and non-biased building experts. They will give a knowledgeable and professional overview of the completed construction work, and confirm all necessary changes are completed. This helps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the structure's occupants.

The inspections vary depending on the type of permit you obtain. The general rule is an inspection must be done within 180 days of receiving your permit in order to close out a permit that only requires a final inspection or to keep an existing permit active for those that require multiple inspections.

Over-the-counter permits only require a final inspection, with the exception of basement finish permits which have multiple inspections. Permits for new construction, alteration and remodel construction projects require multiple inspections which are outlined on the permit once it has been obtained.

For underground inspections, your structural engineer inspects footings and foundation work (incl. damp-proofing, soils, perimeter drain, etc.) City inspectors check water and sewer connections, electrical connections. Outside agencies inspect gas and other utility connections.

You will need to get your rough electrical, rough plumbing, rough mechanical and/or framing inspections (whichever apply to your project) within 180 days of permit issuance. You may then need to get an insulation inspection if this applies to your project. Final inspections are scheduled at the time when construction as shown on the approved plans has been completed and all other required inspections have been approved. For more information on this, contact the Development Review Center at 970-221-2740.

To schedule an inspection, call 970-221-6769 the day before you want the inspection performed. You will get a voice recording asking you for your address, permit number and the type of inspection you are seeking. A homeowner may request a morning or afternoon inspection, as well as a two-hour block of time, where they can be home to meet with the inspector. The inspection will take place on the following business day. Any inspections requiring the inspector to enter a home or building must have someone 18 years or older present during the time of the inspection. You can call 970-221-2740 if you have questions or need more information on this.

You are responsible for providing access and means for inspections, including:

  • Ensuring that the components to be inspected are readily visible and are not concealed or permanently covered; and
  • Ensuring that access to the work to be inspected is readily available by temporary stairs, ladder, or other necessary means to perform the inspection.

If an inspection is requested for a sprinkler permit and you pay your water bill to the City of Fort Collins, contact 970-416-2249 to schedule your inspection.

If you pay your water bill to ELCO Water District or Fort Collins-Loveland Water District, arrange to have a backflow test done and then provide your backflow test results to Building Services. This will satisfy the inspection requirements for your permit so it can close.

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