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Development Review Guide

Receive Building Permit

Once your permit application is approved by all reviewing departments and applicable outside entities, you are ready to pick up your permit. You can check the status of your permit application approval online or by calling Development Review counter staff at 970-221-6750.

To pick up your permit, come to the Development Review Center at 281 North College Avenue. Counter staff will assist you. You will be asked to pay the balance of all remaining fees. Counter staff will also check if any associated contractors you intend to use are licensed, insured and in good standing.

Once the permit is issued, you are given the original permit, as well as an inspection card. You also get a copy of your plans with staff comments and any necessary changes clearly marked.

You should post the building permit on the premises, along with your set of plans, to be ready for your inspection by building inspection staff.

Step 11: building inspection