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Fort Collins Connexion delivers everything your family needs with the integrity and reliability you've come to expect from the City of Fort Collins.

We're your community-driven, community-owned, gigabit-speed fiber network. We've got all your broadband needs covered — internet, video, home phone — with service levels and bundling options that fit your needs, without gimmicky promotions or messy contracts.



The best internet available. Gigabit-speed plans with no contracts or hidden fees, starting at just $59.95.

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Watch to your heart's content. Our everything-is-here platform puts all your favorite apps, shows, and services at your fingertips.

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An affordable way to achieve unmatched clarity, reliability, and emergency preparedness.

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Easily create the combo that’s right for you.

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Who is Fort Collins Connexion, you ask?


The City is working with Atlantic Engineering Group (AEG) to build the Connexion fiber network throughout Fort Collins. This project is a Design-Build process. This means there are multiple processes happening simultaneously. Use the form below to check the progress at your location.

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