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Join Connexion and Loveland Pulse for an upcoming free webinar to learn how to make sure your Homeowners’ Association is in compliance with the Colorado State 811 locates law.

Ensure the safety of your neighbors, our employees, and your HOA Member’s pocketbook, by understanding your responsibilities, and how to be certain your privately-owned infrastructure is clearly and accurately marked.

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Welcome, Fort Collins Homeowners Associations!

This resource page is designed to help Fort Collins HOA’s stay connected to our Connexion project now during construction process, as well as once our full build out has been completed in Q4 2022. Fort Collins Connexion’s 100% state-of-the-art, fiber-optic network will deliver gigabit speed internet, phone and video service to every resident and business in Fort Collins.

HOA Communications Directory

There are a large number of homeowners associations (HOAs) within the City of Fort Collins and the Connexion team wants to ensure that we are able to connect with the associations and their property management companies about the work being done.

Are you a part of an HOA within the City of Fort Collins? Sign up for our HOA Communications Directory today.

What Are The Benefits Of Signing-Up?

Construction communication. We are working hard to get out proactive construction communication to homeowners and residents. Be sure that your HOA community is in-the-know before construction begins. For example, some areas owned by an HOA have private streets that do not have public right-of-way (ROW) access for our fiber optic network to be installed. We do require a Right of Entry agreement with the HOA to ensure these areas receive service.

Connect with us about important infrastructure that we don’t know about. We recognize that Fort Collins neighborhoods may have private underground facilities in the public right-of-ways (ROWs) that are not registered through Colorado 811 and therefore, are not marked with a locate. We want to know where these projects exist so we can do our best to avoid them throughout the process of installing our network.

Stay dialed-in for important service information. Get notifications when service is available to for neighborhood, stay connected about important news and opportunities for community resources and education.

Access to resources. Want Connexion to do a presentation for your neighborhood? Would you like to include information about Connexion in your newsletters, emails or bulletin boards? Interested in bulk agreements for your residents? Our team can work with you on resources to meet your needs.

Why Is Locating Private Underground Facilities So Important?

As we build out our fiber-optic network, the only existing infrastructure that we can locate through this process are those registered through Colorado 811. Any unregistered infrastructure is not part of this notification process.

This means:
  1. That your neighborhood might have some private systems, such as irrigation lines, electrical lines for signs or pumps that we don’t know about before construction, and
  2. If we don’t know about them, we can’t plan to work around them.

Registration with Colorado 811 costs $25 for an underground line owner and every notification of a dig costs $1.49. These fees are much less than the cost of a damaged utility line. Once a line is properly registered, Colorado 811 will notify all the owners of any underground line when work will occur. If damage occurs to a system that is registered and located, the cost to repair a registered infrastructure falls to those doing the work. If the project is not registered, the cost to repair falls back on the HOA or property owners.

Protect yourself, protect your property and register with Colorado 811 today.

What is Colorado 811?

Colorado 811 is an important part of all Colorado construction projects, and it is required by Colorado’s “One Call Law”.

You’ve probably seen or heard about some of their education campaigns including, “Know What’s Below, Call Before You Dig.” That is exactly what Colorado 811 is for – protecting people and property from unexpected issues that could arise if a person or company unknowingly hits a utility line while digging. All underground projects should be registered through Colorado 811 so we can all help each other stay safe.

All HOAs need to register their projects through Colorado 811. There are fees involved that you will find on the Colorado 811 website, but these fees are much less than the cost of a damaged utility line. Once a line is properly registered, Colorado 811 will notify owners in the area when work will occur.

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