Homeowners Associations

"What You Need to Know About Your HOA & Public Rights-of-Way!" Webinar

Join us to learn how to make sure your Homeowners' Association is in compliance with the Colorado State 811 locates law. Ensure the safety of your neighbors, our employees, and your HOA Member's pocketbook, by understanding your responsibilities, and how to be certain your privately-owned infrastructure is clearly and accurately marked. Fort Collins Connexion and City of Loveland Pulse - your community-owned, 100% fiber-optic internet utilities - are hosting this informational session to get residents up-to-speed, so that we can all enjoy a smooth and uneventful installation of infrastructure.

HOA Communications Directory

There are a large number of homeowners associations (HOAs) within the City of Fort Collins and the Connexion team is reaching out to them as well as property management companies to establish a directory for communication during the construction process.

We urge all homeowners associations to register their underground irrigation lines with Colorado 811 so that Connexion contractors don’t damage them as they bury fiber-optic cable connections around the city.

Some of the possible reason for reaching out to your HOA include:

Right of Entry Documentation – Some areas owned by an HOA have private streets that do not have public right of way (ROW) access for our fiber optic network to be installed.  We do require a Right of Entry agreement with the HOA to ensure these areas receive service. 

Irrigation locates – Prior to construction beginning in a neighborhood, Colorado Utility Notification Call Center, commonly referred to as Colorado 811 , is notified and locates are performed. This ensures our crews know what is below the ground before digging. However, some HOA private irrigation systems are not registered with 811 and our crews have no way of knowing they exist in the right of way. By properly identifying and locating any private water lines before construction begins, we can avoid accidental damage, saving both the property owner and Connexion time and money.

Registration with Colorado 811 costs $25 for an underground line owner and every notification of a dig costs $1.49. These fees are much less than the cost of a damaged utility line. Once a line is properly registered, Colorado 811 will notify all the owners of any underground line when work will occur. The owner then has two days to put out flags or paint locates identifying the location of their line. If a hit occurs, the cost to repair a registered line falls to Connexion’s vendor partner, Atlantic Engineering Group (AEG).

HOA Sales Agreements – Fort Collins Connexion offers bulk service agreements. Our team of experts will work with property owners, building management and HOA's to implement custom broadband solutions for hotels, office suites, condominiums, and commercial buildings throughout the City. If you would like to learn more, please call 970-207-7872 or email us at sales@fcconnexion.com.