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Five Elements of Social Impact

Overview | Frequently Asked Questions | Five Elements of Social Impact

Five elements of social impact with examples:


  • Diversity program
  • Affirmative action plan
  • Wellness program
  • Mentoring program
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Contributory pension scheme
  • Childcare facility or program
  • Telecommuting option/Flex scheduling
  • Carpooling support program
  • Employee recognition program
  • Policy/benefits for same sex partners
  • Employee discount
  • Gym facility onsite or gym discount
  • Health insurance

Public Awareness

  • Hold educational events for the community
  • Offer your business as meeting space for local organizations
  • Promote your business' sustainability goals and successes
  • Form partnerships and advocate for non-profit and City-sponsored grants and programs


  • Promote fair labor practices and safe working conditions
  • Encourage group purchases to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Support supplier diversity (partnering with minority and women-owned businesses)
  • Require vendors to supply an environmental protection report
  • Create and apply a sustainable purchasing guide


  • Support a charitable foundation or donate product/ service
  • Matching gift program for employees
  • Hold/ support a fundraiser or sponsor a local community event
  • Incentivize employees to volunteer with a local non-profit
  • Participate in local business leadership (i.e. DBA or Chamber of Commerce membership)
  • Host career day for local students
  • Serve as an advisory/ board member of a non-profit


  • Hold a customer appreciation event
  • Discounts for customers who act responsibly (i.e. bring their own reusable bag, coffee mug, or those who biked/used public transportation)
  • Onsite recycling and/or composting available for customers
  • Offer customer discount for supporting a cause