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City of Fort Collins ImageClimateWise Reporting 2017

It is officially reporting season and we want to help you reach your 2017 ClimateWise goals. See below for everything you need to know about ClimateWise reporting.

  1. The 2017 reporting deadline is January 31.

  2. Login to myClimateWise
    Go to and enter your email address. You will be sent a link to login to the system. When you follow the link, your businesses account will come up.

  3. Take a minute to check off all strategies your business completed in 2017.

  4. Fill out the Waste Tracker (it will automatically be sent to ClimateWise staff and we will record your points in myClimateWise).

  5. Need help? Join us at our reporting workshop or contact us at Y2xpbWF0ZXdpc2VAZmNnb3YuY29t.

  6. Send us your project photos so we can recognize your business throughout 2018. Send project photos with a short description to Y2xpbWF0ZXdpc2VAZmNnb3YuY29t.

Not Yet a ClimateWise Partner?

Visit to find out more about how ClimateWise can help your business save money, reduce its impact and contribute to the community. Take the pledge today!