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ClimateWire - October 2019

Looking to convert to a water-wise landscape?

Fort Collins Utilities is launching Xeriscape Incentive Program (XIP) for Commercial and HOA customers this fall. Interested businesses should apply with a plan to change their landscape to a water-wise, drought-resilient landscape. Awardees can receive up to $15,000 in funding! To learn more about the program visit

Recent Changes to Plastic Recycling Markets

Recycling markets, especially those for low-value plastics, are facing challenging times, leading to changes in what can be recycled locally.

The primary way to know whether a plastic can be recycled curbside or at the drop-off center is by its shape. The only plastics that can be recycled curbside in Fort Collins are plastic bottles and tubs. Bottles include soda or water bottles, laundry bottles, shampoo bottles, and milk jugs. Tubs include the solid white dairy tubs like those that contain yogurt or sour cream, as well as translucent tubs with a #5 on the bottom, commonly used in delis or for liquidy takeout like soups.

Always be sure that all containers are empty and dry before recycling. Do NOT recycle motor oil, chemical, or pesticide bottles.

Due to changes in international recycling markets, local recycling guidelines do not include low-value plastic containers. These are typically the thinnest and flimsiest types of plastics, such as plastic clamshell containers (that hold berries), plastic party cups, and plastic take-out containers.  Residents may choose to throw away these low-value plastic containers, or know that if they are in the recycling bin, they will be landfilled until recycling markets improve. Learn more at

Water Shortage Response Planning

Have you ever thought about how a water shortage could impact you and/or your business?

Fort Collins Utilities plans for each year’s water supplies and projected use very conservatively; however, severe drought and other events outside of Utilities’ control happen. When we’re faced with a water shortage, Utilities enacts water use restrictions in accordance with the Water Supply Shortage Response Plan.

We’re currently reviewing the response plan and we want your input! Let us know your concerns about future water shortages, water restrictions and planning for a sustainable water future.

To provide feedback, visit For general information, visit

Learn how to save on your energy and water costs!

Fort Collins Utilities partners with Efficiency WorksTM to help businesses find cost, energy and water saving opportunities. Representatives are available by phone or in person, including full facility assessments – all for free! Learn more by contacting David Suckling with Fort Collins Utilities at 970-416-4251 or ZHN1Y2tsaW5nQGZjZ292LmNvbQ==. For a complete facility assessment, fill out an application here.

Building Energy and Water Scoring

Did you know energy and water efficiency of commercial and multifamily buildings 5,000 square-feet and greater will be made transparent through the City of Fort Collins? Commercial buildings 20,000 square-feet and greater will lead the way, reporting usage to the City in early 2020. Transparency of energy and water use can help increase awareness and reduce overall use – an estimated 2.4%!  Find out more online at

Celebrate 20 Years of Climate Action!

Save the date -- on Nov. 14, 6- 8:30 p.m. at the Lincoln Center's Canyon West Room, the City and CSU's School of Global Environmental Sustainability are hosting a celebratory event to recognize 20 years of climate action in Fort Collins!

This event is free, family-friendly and open to the general public. Join us for free food, live music and door prizes! Check out activity stations run by community members who engage in climate action, energy, waste reduction and equity work. Reflect on our community's last 20 years of climate action, engage with current efforts and get inspired to work together for a healthy future for Fort Collins!

RSVP and Learn More Here