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ClimateWire - July 2019

ClimateWise Program Update

To ensure the City of Fort Collins is offering the best support to our business customers, we will be evaluating ClimateWise in 2019-2020. Currently, we are committed to continuing ClimateWise through the end of the 2019 reporting season and hosting Envirovation in 2020 to celebrate 20 years of your continued commitment.  

ClimateWise will continue to support to the following:  

  • Earning badges and levels 
  • Reporting for 2019 
  • Accessing other City resources and programs 
  • Sharing relevant updates via ClimateWire 
  • Celebrating at Envirovation 2020! 

Due to available resources this year, ClimateWise will discontinue: 

  • Maintaining the ClimateWise Facebook page  
  • Offering events and challenges 

During the evaluation process, we will gather feedback and input from businesses, including our ClimateWise partners. These efforts will help shape and support future City programs to help business customers achieve climate action results. 

We are excited to hear about how we can support our business community's future sustainability needs. Please watch for opportunities to provide feedback as we evaluate how the City supports businesses in the future. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our team, Y2xpbWF0ZVdpc2VAZmNnb3YuY29t.  

2018 Annual Energy Policy Report Update

See how Fort Collins Utilities performed this past year in energy efficiency, reliability, affordable rates and more.

Energy Policy Report - 2018 Annual Update


Help Keep Recycling Strong

There have been several stories in the past year about the state of recycling in the United States. While recycling programs across the country have been impacted differently by China no longer accepting recyclables from other countries, the recycling programs in Fort Collins remain steady with only slight changes. While the next 12-18 months will likely continue to be bumpy for recycling, the infrastructure to process recyclables from the United States is in the works, which will be good news for the long-term health of recycling.

Here are the actions you can take to help keep recycling strong in Fort Collins:

  • Keep recycling: put the good stuff in the bin
    • The environmental and other benefits to recycling remain and are as important as ever.
    • Be sure to recycle all your aluminum cans, cardboard, plastic bottles and tubs and white paper.
    • If you’d like to separate white paper (copy paper and shredded paper) and deliver it to the Timberline Recycling Center, it can be sent to a higher value market than if it’s mixed with other papers in curbside recycling. See details at
  • Keep the bad stuff out
    • Recycling contamination – or putting items in a recycling bin that are not recyclable – matters more than ever before.
    • Be sure to put your recyclables in the bin loose (not bagged) and keep out plastic bags, batteries, straws, paper coffee cups, paper towels, etc.
  • Refuse and reuse
    • Refuse single-use plastic items like straws and plastic utensils (which are not recyclable and are unlikely to ever be) and go reusable when possible.
    • Bring a reusable coffee cup or travel mug with you to the coffee shop. Pack a set of reusable utensils and a reusable straw to have on hand at work. At restaurants, say no thank you to the plastic straw and rather than asking for a to-go box, bring a Tupperware to pack up your leftovers.

Learn more at

Healthy Homes Seeks Volunteers

Passionate about community health in Fort Collins? Become a Master Home Educator and help community members improve the indoor air quality of their homes.

Master Home Educators are a fundamental element of our Healthy Homes program. Prospective Master Home Educators complete 20 hours of comprehensive training and learn how to identify common household problems related to biological pollutants, chemical contaminants and safety concerns.

We look for diverse individuals who are committed to actively participating in the training sessions and who will join us to improve the health of our Fort Collins community. Upon completion of the training, we ask that you complete two home health assessments a month.

Visit for more information on the Healthy Homes program and visit to learn about how you can become a Master Home Educator.

Don’t Let Irrigation Season Get You – Sign Up for Water Smart!

Have you ever been surprised by a large water bill? It is often due to high consumption or a leak. With irrigation season in full swing, it is important to track down and stop any unnecessary water use. Fort Collins Utilities now has a free platform where you can view your water use and receive email or text alerts. Visit to sign up today!

Questions or problems registering? Contact Abbye Neel at YW5lZWxAZmNnb3YuY29t or 970-416-4371.

Efficiency Works Lighting Rebate

Fort Collins is the last city in Efficiency Works territory to offer a 25% business lighting bonus. Claim your bonus while they last, earn points toward your Energy badge and give your business a sharper look. Click here to find a contractor and get a quote.


Building Energy and Water Scoring

If your building is covered by the Building Energy and Water Scoring ordinance and you would like to apply for an exemption, the deadline to do so is Sept. 1, 2019.  Covered buildings for the 2019 benchmarking year are commercial buildings 20,000 square feet and larger.  Find out more and access exemption request forms online at