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ClimateWire - June 2019

myClimateWise is open for 2019!

myClimateWise is open for 2019 reporting. Thank you for your patience while our database was down for maintenance. There are a few updates to note:

  • Take a look at the strategies! You will see new ways to get credit under each badge.
  • All strategies now are worth 1-3 points across all badges.
  • Specialty badge information will be sent out soon!

Reminder: myClimateWise is an online tool designed to help you document and report your actions related to waste, water, energy, transportation and social responsibility. 

To login to your myClimateWise account, go to and enter your email address. You will be sent a link to login to the system. When you follow the link, your account will come up.

For easy access into your account, bookmark the myClimateWise web address or access it from the ClimateWise website. If you don’t sign out, you will be able to get right into your account each time you go to myClimateWise. If you do get logged out, just simply send yourself a new link to access the web portal.

Contact Y2xpbWF0ZXdpc2VAZmNnb3YuY29t with any questions.

ClimateWise Partners Celebrate 2018 Achievements

On April 25, 2019, more than 220 members of the business community gathered at the Drake Centre to celebrate the 2018 accomplishments of ClimateWise Partners at Envirovation. Together, Partners completed more than 3,200 sustainability actions that avoided over 27,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases, equivalent to an entire year of electricity use for 4,733 homes. Congratulations Partners and thank you for making a difference in our community!
Check out photos from the event.

Electric-Assist Bicycles in Fort Collins

Did you know? Class 1 and Class 2 electric-assist bicycles now are allowed on paved trails in Fort Collins! This is part of a one-year pilot program, and we’d like your feedback over the course of the next year. For more information, visit Please remember the trails are for everyone so please use safe speeds and announce when you pass another user.

Free Introductory Session: Sustainability Peer Advisory Group for Northern Colorado

Sustainable Living Association’s Sustainability Peer Advisory Group for Northern Colorado is hosting a FREE introductory session on July 10, 4-5:30 p.m. at Odell Brewing Company. Click here for more information and to register.