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ClimateWire - October 2018

Reporting season is coming! Have you looked at your myClimateWise account yet this year?

It’s almost that time of year again – where every couple of weeks we encourage you to report your actions in myClimateWise so that we can recognize your sustainable contributions to our community.

Get a head start this year by spending a few minutes going through your account and checking off the actions that are part of your standard operating procedures or that you implemented for the first time this year.

If you have any questions on strategies, how to report, or even how to get into your myClimateWise account, please contact Y2xpbWF0ZXdpc2VAZmNnb3YuY29t. We are always here to help!

Recycle Your Batteries - Just NOT with Your Bottles & Cans!

Recently, two fires took place at the Larimer County Recycling Center. Both were caused by batteries mixed in with household recyclables. Batteries of all types, but particularly lithium batteries, can catch fire when damaged, making them hazardous if not disposed of correctly.

No batteries of any type belong in curbside recycling. They should instead be recycled at a one of several local drop-off centers, including at the Timberline Recycling Center Hard-to-Recycle Materials Yard, and the Larimer County Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

Join us Oct. 18 at Avo’s to learn how cities are removing barriers to acting on climate

Did you know 80 percent of Fort Collins residents support the City acting on climate change? Join us Thursday, Oct. 18, 5:30-7 p.m. at Avogadro's Number, 605 S. Mason St. to hear from key leaders from Fort Collins, Hawaii and the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance on practical solutions anyone can take to act on climate change, and how cities locally and globally are removing barriers for action.

Learn more about the panelists.

High-Performance Teams for High-Performance Buildings

We all start our projects with inspiring visions and high goals. But how many times do you find that your team has lost sight of its vision, made compromises, lost momentum and reverted to focus on simply finishing the project? The integrative design process seeks to overcome the challenges of the traditional, linear design process, but all too often, integrative project teams still fail to realize success.

Josie Plaut, Associate Director of CSU’s Institute for the Built Environment, will share a research-based approach to integrating project teams and optimizing facilitation. Learn what social network science tells us about how to define optimal team structure, why this structure is critical to success, and how to coordinate the team through tried-and-true facilitation techniques.

Eligible for LEED CE. A light breakfast will be provided

Register today

Welcome to ClimateWise!

Proposed 2019 Rate Adjustments

Fort Collins Utilities regularly reviews its electric, water, wastewater and stormwater rates through cost-of-service studies and recommends adjustments to reflect the costs of providing reliable and quality services. We realize rate increases impact our customers and work diligently to manage the costs and financial integrity of each utility. If approved by City Council in November, the following new rates will go into effect in January.

  • Electric: Average 5 percent increase, with 3.6 percent for electric distribution infrastructure improvements, and 1.4 percent for increased wholesale power costs.
    When compared to other utilities in Colorado, Fort Collins Utilities is in the lowest quartile for both residential and commercial rates. Details:

  • Water: Rate increases are not anticipated in 2019.   

  • Wastewater: Rate increases are not anticipated in 2019.   

  • Stormwater: Average 2 percent increase for infrastructure improvements.    

Utilities offers many programs and services to help customers offset costs and lower monthly bills. Learn more at, email dXRpbGl0aWVzY3VzdG9tZXJhY2NvdW50c0BmY2dvdi5jb20= or call 970-212-2900 to talk to a commercial accounts representative. Additional rates information is available at

NOTE: The chart below shows actual, proposed and three-year forecast rates for all utilities.

Commercial Rates





2018 Actual





2019 Proposed





2020 Forecast

1 - 5%

0 - 5%

0 - 3%

0 - 3%

2021 Forecast

1 - 5%

0 - 5%

0 - 5%

0 - 5%

2022 Forecast

1 - 5%

0 - 5%

0 - 5%

0 - 5%