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What is the Team Leader Program?#

What is the Team Leader Program?

We are excited to announce we will be launching the third annual Earth Day Challenge on Feb. 18, 2022.

Before the launch, we are looking for Team Leaders who want to help lead the action with their family and friends. People who are passionate about climate action, want to make a difference, and motivate others to take action too. Not to mention, Team Leaders who attend two training workshops will be eligible to win cool prizes like an e-bike, grocery store gift cards, and more. Learn more about the Team Leader program here.

Let us know you want to be a Team Leader by filling out this sign up form. Know somebody else you might be interested in being a Team Leader? Feel free to share the sign up form with them!


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What is a Team Leader?

Team Leaders will gather 5-10 people from their Fort Collins social network and work with their team to reduce their collective carbon footprint. Each team will be registered, and points will be recorded, through the website. Team Leaders can even win prizes for recruiting the most active team!

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What are my responsibilities as a Team Leader?

Team Leaders will recruit teammates who live or work in Fort Collins, attend two brief and virtual team leader trainings in the evening of Feb. 15 and Feb. 22, and support their Team Members as they work to reduce their CO2 emissions!

All Team Leaders will have flexibility in how they want to facilitate their teams. They can have weekly team meetings to foster support and enthusiasm or they can provide individual support to each Team Member. It is open to their creativity and interpretation!

What, when, and where are the Team Leader Trainings?

Team Leader trainings will occur virtually on Feb. 15th (6-7:30pm) & Feb 22nd (6-7:30pm). The trainings will cover how to recruit, register, and motivate your team members. In addition, a CSU Master's Student will be sharing information about best practices for sustainable behavior change, community organizing, and other helpful topics.

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What support will I have as a Team Leader?

Earth Day Challenge staff members are here to support you and give you the tools you need to succeed as a Team Leader. We will provide training, materials, and staff contact information. In addition, Team Leader trainings will provide an excellent opportunity to connect with other Team Leaders!

Are there any incentives for participation?

In addition to making the world a better place by reducing carbon emissions, the Earth Day Challenge does provide an opportunity to win prizes! While every Team Leader will receive a sustainability “thank you” gift basket, there will be additional opportunities to win prizes such as a free e-bike or a $100 gift card to a Fort Collins business of your choice. Separate prize categories will be available for your Team Members.