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City Clerk

Parking Advisory Board

Dean Klingner
(970) 221-6511

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The Parking Advisory Board makes recommendations to the City Council regarding the implementation of the City's parking policies and plans; provides an avenue for ongoing stakeholder input and involvement in parking decisions that affect the public; supports and advocates for parking initiatives and programs; helps educate the public about parking issues; works with other boards and commissions of the City or other community organizations that have an interest in parking issues; and performs such other duties and functions and have such other powers as provided by the City Council.

Recommended Qualifications

General interest in parking issues, including, without limitation, issues pertaining to transportation, parking development, and general community issues.

Five members of the board must be residents, landowners, employees, business owners or tenants within the downtown area and four shall represent the City at large.

Meeting Schedule

2nd Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. | View meeting schedule

Meeting Location

Community Room (North Entrance), 215 N. Mason

Time Commitment

4-6 hours/month

Current Members

December 31, 2019 - Nora Hill, Bob Criswell, and Nicholas Bonn
December 31, 2020 - Sara Kammalade, Kayla Utter, and Barbara Wilkins
December 31, 2021 - Adam Eggleston, Eileen McClusky, and Travis Anderson

Council Liaison

Bob Overbeck