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Single-Family to Boarding House Conversion Requirements

Converting a single-family dwelling to a boarding house used for lodging for compensation and not occupied as a single family unit is considered a "Change of Occupancy" requiring the issuance of a new Certificate of Occupancy (CO) with an occupancy classification of R-2.

The following items are required and shall be inspected by the City of Fort Collins prior the issuance of a new CO.

  1. A building permit issued through the Neighborhood and Building Services office, to include all work involved with the conversion, with a minimum permit fee of $100.00.
  2. All sleeping rooms shall be provided with an emergency escape window with a clear opening of 5 square feet and maximum sill height of 48 inches.
  3. All habitable rooms shall have a ceiling height of not less than 6 feet 6 inches to the lowest projection.
  4. One habitable room shall be a minimum of 120 square feet, with all other habitable rooms a minimum of 70 square feet, with no horizontal dimension less than 7 feet.
  5. Plumbing systems shall be in good working order without leaks.
  6. The building shall be in sound condition, providing protection to the tenants from elements.
  7. The heating system shall be capable of maintaining 70 degrees 3 feet off the floor and shall have been serviced by a City licensed mechanical contractor within the past 6 months.
  8. The electrical system shall be brought into compliance with the current 2005 National Electrical Code adopted by the City, including a 3-wire grounded system, outlet and light fixture spacing, smoke detection, GFCI and Arcfault protection and location.
  9. Stairs shall be in sound condition with a maximum rise of 8 inches and a minimum run of 9 inches and a ceiling height of 6 feet 6 inches.
  10. Boarding houses with 6 or more sleeping rooms or 6 or more occupants shall also provide one accessible sleeping room which is provided with visual and audible smoke alarm, one accessible van parking space with a wheelchair access into the building, one wheelchair accessible restroom complete with bathing facilities and clear space access to all kitchen facilities. Accessible features shall be designed in accordance with ICC/ANSI A117.1-1998 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

Please call 416-2618 should you have any questions.

Michael W. Gebo
Codes & Inspections Administrator