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Building Plans

  1. Foundation Plan
    An engineered foundation plan is required for all new construction with the exception of the following:
    Structures of 120 square feet or less.
    1. The foundation plan may also include the basement floor plan provided all necessary information is shown.
    2. Provide a typical section through the foundation wall at a minimum scale of 3/8" = 1'.
  2. Floor Plan
    For Commercial projects, all these plans need to be stamped by a Colorado licensed or registered architect or engineer.
    1. Provide a floor plan of each floor and basement, unless shown on the foundation plan, drawn to scale (typically 1/4" - 1').
    2. Show room dimensions and label the use of each room.
    3. Show any detached porches, decks, carports and garages.
    4. Show the direction, size and spacing of all floor and ceiling framing members to include joists, rafters, girders, columns, piers, and decks that are 30 inches above grade.
    5. Prefabricated trusses must be identified. Where three point bearing trusses are used and/or special conditions exist, copies of the truss specifications must be provided at the time of framing inspection.
    6. Show an electrical layout if not shown on a separate plan, to include electrical equipment, switches, outlets, fixtures, panel location, etc.
    7. Show all openings, i.e., windows, doors, their length, width, size, direction of swing, and header size.
    8. Show the location of any stairs, their width and length.
    9. Show the location of the furnace and water heater and whether they are gas or electric.
    10. Show the location and size of all permanently installed construction and equipment such as kitchen cabinets, closets, storage shelves, plumbing fixtures, etc.
  3. Exterior Elevations
    1. Provide at least one main elevation drawn to scale, typically 1/4" = 1'. Other elevations which contain no special detail may be drawn at 1/8" = 1'.
    2. Show all elevations of any interior court.
    3. Show the finish floor line and finish grade lines at buildings.
    4. Show the roof slopes.
    5. Indicate the depth of the footings, foundations, or piers. If stepped or at more than one level, all dimensions from finished grade.
  4. Sections and Details
    1. Provide one major section through the exterior wall showing all details of construction from footings to the highest point of the roof, including the materials used on the roof and exterior walls. The minimum scale for this section is 3/8" = 1". Where more than one type of material is used, show each type.
    2. Provide a section through any portion of the building where rooms are situated at various levels or where finished attic space is proposed. The typical scale for these sections are 1/4" = 1'.
    3. Provide a section through stair wells, landing and stairs including rise and run of steps, handrail and guardrail details, headroom clearances, and surrounding framing - minimum scale of 3/8" = 1'.
    4. Provide a section through fireplaces at a minimum scale of 3/8" = 1', and provide the make and model of prefabricated units. Information must also be provided on the make and model of wood stoves.
    5. Provide sections and details of any critical construction points or special structural items. Scale as necessary to provide sufficient information - minimum scale 3/8" = 1".
    6. Provide details of deck attachments if deck is over 30" above grade.