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Fire Alarm Systems Specialized Trade Contractor

This license authorizes the holder to install, test, maintain and service fire alarms as specified in the applicable provisions of the National Fire Alarm Code, NFPA 72, and the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70, including the related wiring supplying not more than fifty (50) volts that does not require a state electrical license. Any person engaged in such business activities must obtain an Alarm Systems Specialized Contractor's license.

Application Procedure:

All forms are available to be downloaded.

Once all of the above information is received, the Building Services Department personnel will forward copies of the information to Poudre Fire Authority for approval. Submittal of inaccurate information may result in revocation of any Alarm Systems License that has been issued, and forfeiture of any fees that have been collected.

Once approval has been obtained, the biennial license fee in the amount of $200, the biennial supervisor certificate fee of $25, and proof of general liability insurance must be submitted before the license can be activated. Advance payment of the $200 license fee or $25 certificate fee in no way affects whether or not an application is approved. In the event a requested license is denied and the biennial fee has been paid, the fee will be refunded. Please provide proof of worker's compensation insurance and a listing of the field employees working in Fort Collins with the last four digits of their social security numbers if using your own employees. Subcontractors and/or independent contractors are required to have their own license with the exception of exempt specialized trade subcontractors (see Employees and Exempt Specialized Trade Subcontractors for more information).