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Broadband Strategic Plan

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Introducing Fort Collins Connexion

Fort Collins Connexion

Your community-driven and community-owned fiber network!

Taking a big step towards building out and operating a new Fort Collins Broadband Network, which will provide high-speed internet to residents.

A run of $1,000 bond offerings sold out on May 31. The closing took place on June 14 and Fort Collins now has funds in-hand to begin construction of the Network.

The City ultimately received $142.2 million on June 14 at an average annual interest rate of 4.08 percent to build out the high-speed fiber system. The City is now moving forward with hiring key positions for the fiber network.

At the direction of City Council and voters, the City is building and implementing high-speed, next-generation fiber to be available to all residents, businesses and organizations within the boundaries of the City over the next 36 to 48 months, including land in the City’s growth management area (GMA) when it is annexed into city limits. 

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Where Would You Like To See City Fiber?

Fiber Map

Drop pins on a map to show us where you would like to have access to City fiber and Internet.

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City's Net Neutrality Stance

The City Broadband Plan does not call for any restrictions on access including uploads, downloads, delivery methods or providers (email, Skype, Netflix, etc.) For more detail on Net Neutrality see page 48 of the Broadband Business Plan.
Net Neutrality, or Open Internet, means there are no restrictions of any kind on access to content on the Web, no limit on downloads and uploads, or no restrictions on delivery methods or providers. The key principle is that access to the internet is not blocked, slowed down, or sped up depending on who or where that access occurs. In essence, Net Neutrality means the internet is open to everyone. Council will be developing policies around net neutrality and privacy as the project develops.

As a current Utility provider, the City takes privacy very seriously and this commitment would be practiced with broadband. Private, or personal information, includes names, addresses, phone numbers, emails as well as browsing and internet history and usage, email and phone records, and other generated electronic data. The City will not collect any of this information beyond what is required to provide service.

Net Neutrality

Broadband RFPs

The City of Fort Collins issued Broadband Request for Proposals (RFPs) regarding design, construction, billing/GIS, and marketing in early February 2018. For vendors interested in proposing, please sign up on Bidnet to register for the opportunity to respond to the RFPs.

Latest News

The City of Fort Collins, at the direction of City Council and voters, is moving forward with building and implementing high speed next-generation broadband to the entire community. This will take 3 to 4 years and include the entire growth management area (GMA).

Currently the City is issuing request for proposals (RFPs) for engineering, design, equipment and marketing. In addition, the City will allocate funds to launch the startup.

At a November 28 work session, Council reviewed alternatives, timeline of work and governance recommendation for broadband, in light of voters approving ballot measure 2B with a vote of 57.15 percent.

Council selected a retail model, which the City builds out the infrastructure, known as Fiber to the Premise (FTTP), and operates as an internet service provider (ISP). With the passage of 2B, Council has the authority to:

  • Add telecommunication/broadband services to the City's electric utility or provide those services through a new telecommunications utility
  • Issue securities and other debt not to exceed $150M
  • Establish governance structure including the ability to:
    • Go into executive sessions for matters relating to competition in telecommunications industry
    • Establish and delegate Council's authority and power to a board and/or commission, except the power to issue debt
    • Delegate the ability to set and/or change rates or fees to the City Manager

Staff has also completed a high-level broadband business plan.