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Breathe Easy

Be Idle Free!

Take 2 minutes to learn the facts and take the pledge to help keep our air clean.

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Breathe Easy

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Idling is running the engine of a vehicle while it is not going anywhere. Unnecessary vehicle idling isn’t good for our air, wallets, or cars. So what can we do about it?


You Hold the Key, Be Idle Free

Spotlight image: You Hold the Key, Be Idle Free

When 8-year-old Maya learned about air pollution and an anti-idling campaign her school was involved in, she wanted to do something. Maya and her mom wrote a rap song to raise awareness. The meaningful lyrics spread, and with the help of teachers, friends, and the City of Fort Collins, she shares her message.

Watch Maya's message

There are 5 Easy Ways to Stop Idling and Breathe Easy

Spotlight image: There are 5 Easy Ways to Stop Idling and Breathe Easy

1. Turn off your ignition if you're waiting more than 30 seconds.
2. Stop idling while the train is passing.
3. Stop idling at school drop-off zones.
4. Park and go inside instead of using the drive-thru lane.
5. Warm up your engine by driving slowly, not by idling.
6. Learn more from our informative video, produced in cooperation with the Poudre School District.

Car Exhaust Is Harmful To Human Health

Just one minute of idling puts more carbon monoxide into the air than smoking 3 packs of cigarettes. Idling fumes are linked to asthma, decreased lung function, cardiac disease, cancer and other serious health problems, and according to the EPA, diesel exhaust contains both very small particles and 40 chemicals that are classified as “hazardous air pollutants” under the Clean Air Act. Plus, most people don’t realize that exposure to many air pollutants is much higher inside their cars than along the roadside. Inside a vehicle, the carbon monoxide levels can reach up to 7 times the outside air level, according to the International Center for Technology Assessment.

Idling Wastes Money

The average driver wastes 1 to 2 tanks of gas each year from idling. Not only is it a waste of money, it’s hard on your vehicle. Idling can lead to expensive repairs. For example, it can cause oil contamination due to residue build-up on the cylinders; Corrosion caused by excessive condensation collected in the exhaust system; And, decreased peak engine operating temperature due to spark plug residue.

Idling Pollutes the Environment

Did you know? Only five minutes of idling each day emits 25 pounds of air pollution and 260 pounds of carbon dioxide each year, contributing to global warming.