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The majority of all commute trips made in Fort Collins are five miles or less in length - a distance that is comfortably accomplished on a bicycle in about the same amount of time as in a motor vehicle. Commuting by bicycle offers vitality, health and stress reduction.

Here are some tips for commuting by bicycle.

You the Commuter

  • Plan your route according to your ability
  • Know the rules and responsibilities you have as a bicyclist
    Bicycle Laws
  • Consider the benefits of wearing a helmet - you will be more visible to other drivers, better protected against injury, and motorists have more respect for the cyclist wearing a helmet
  • Carry waterproof clothing
  • Carry identification
  • Wear eye protection
  • Wear padded gloves

Share the Road

Your Bicycle

  • Each day before riding check your brakes for wear and tires for appropriate inflation - each week give your bicycle a thorough inspection
  • Use a seat pack capable of holding a spare tube; tools, flat tire repair kit; coins for phone call - or cellular phone
  • Bring a tire pump (most can be attached to your bike frame)Fenders will keep you and your bicycle clean
  • Rear rack and panniers or a bicycle trailer to carry your belongings
  • Use a bell to signal to others that you are approaching
  • Use a mirror for scanning behind while you ride but also learn the technique of looking back while holding a straight line
  • Consider taking a basic maintenance class through a local bike shop

Important Bicycle Safety Accessories

At Night or When Conditions Cause Poor Visability

Required by State and Local Law:

  • Front white headlight visible from 500 feet - approximately one city block
  • Rear red reflector visible from 600 feet
  • Mounted side reflectors visible from 600 feet
  • A red rear flashing light is recommended to increase visibility
  • Wear light colored clothing or clothing that is retro-reflective

Can You See Me?

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