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Commuter Challenge

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What is the Commuter Challenge?

Hosted by the City of Fort Collins FC Bikes Program, the Commuter Challengeis a friendly competition amongst local businesses to encourage people to bike to work during the month of December. According to the 2010-2012 American Community Survey 3-Year Estimates, 6.4% of Fort Collins residents bike to work and 73% drive alone. The Commuter Challenge is designed to create a supportive environment, through resources and incentives, to increase the number of trips made by bicycle in Fort Collins. The Commuter Challenge is a great way to create a new habit of bicycling through the winter and to reward those who already do. Whether you're thinking about trying bike commuting for the first time, or you're an experienced rider, the Challenge is for you!

This winter, we will be using the website to track participation. Individual employees will be responsible for documenting their bicycle commutes on the website for every day that they commute to work or make a work-related trip by bicycle. FC Bikes will keep track of points earned by employees at your company. A printable calendar has been provided to record commutes taken during the week. We encourage participants to transfer that data to the website at the end of each week to the website as prizes will randomly be given out during the month based on point accrued.

Workplace Coordinator Toolkit with more information.

Why Participate in the Challenge?

  • Fun. This is a team-building experience that will help create a healthy, cohesive workplace. Employees can help encourage and support each other during the month-long Challenge. Plus, companies and individuals have the chance to win fun prizes! And let's be honest, riding a bike a way more fun than driving alone!
  • Health. Competing in the Challenge will improve employee health both mentally and physically. Employees will be healthier, happier, more productive and more alert.
  • Economics. Employees can reduce costs related to car ownership, such as maintenance, fuel and parking expenses. Employers will benefit from reduced health care and transportation related costs.
  • Environment. Biking reduces emissions and greenhouse gases, and nearly 50 percent of all trips in metropolitan areas are three miles or less and 28 percent are one mile or less - distances easily covered by bicycle! Additionally, it will decrease traffic congestion and time stuck in traffic.
  • Friendly Competition

Check out these resources listed below for more information on the benefits of commuting by bicycle:

13 reasons you should start biking to work
Bike to Work Infographic: Environmental and Health Benefits
Pedaling to Prosperity: Biking Saves U.S. Riders Billions a Year
Riding Your Bicycle to Work


To encourage continued participation, FC Bikes will have prize drawings for individuals throughout the month of December.

Similar to the National Bike Challenge, individuals will accumulate Challenge Points based upon miles ridden by bicycle related to work, with an additional 20 points for each day that you ride.

  • Scoring: 1 mile = 1 challenge point. 20 bonus points for each day that you ride.
  • Example: You live 5 miles from work and bike to and from work for a total of 10 miles. Each day you bike to/from work, you will receive 10 points for miles, plus 20 bonus points for a daily total of 30 points.
What Counts as a Bicycle Commute

We understand that riding a bike to and from work may not be feasible for all. The following work related commutes will count for this Challenge:

  • Riding both ways to work by bicycle
  • Riding one-way to work by bicycle (and the other way by any other mode)
  • Riding part way to work to bicycle and the other by transit, driving, or carpool/vanpool
  • Riding   to a meeting or other work-related activity by bicycle
  • *Note: Recreational rides should not be included.
Extra Points

Additional points can be earned by attending any of the Bike Winter events. Descriptions of each event are listed on our website at Each time an individual attends one of the following events, they will be awarded 20 extra points:

  • Bicycle Safety Lunch & Learn hosted by your company during the month of December
  • Bike Lunch Talk. Wednesday, December 4, 12:30-1:30pm at 281 N. College Ave, Conference Room A. RSVP at
  • Winter Cycling 101. Wednesday, December 4, 4:00-6:00pm at Odell Brewing Community Room.  RSVP at
  • Light Up the Night. Friday, December 6, 6-8pm at Old Town Square Bike Library, CSU Rec Center, and Council Tree Library
  • Winter Bike to Work Day Breakfast Stations. Wednesday, December 11, 7:00-9:30am.  Check out the website for a map of locations and list of hosts:
  • Bike Fort Collins Afternoon Soiree. Wednesday, December 11, 4:30-6:30pm at Old Town Square Bike Library Kiosk.

100 extra points will be awarded to individuals who attend the following:

As you accumulate Challenge points, you will achieve award levels with various prizes associated with each level. Once you reach the Bronze level, you will automatically be entered into the appropriate drawing. The award levels are:

  • Bronze: 50 Challenge points
  • Silver: 150 Challenge points
  • Gold: 500 Challenge points
  • Platinum: 1500 Challenge points

Participants are eligible to receive no more than one prize during the Challenge.

FC Bikes would like to thank the following local businesses who donated prizes to be given away to individuals who participate in the Commuter Challenge. Additionally, thanks to Yendra Built for creating handmade bike trophies for the winning companies!

City of Fort Collins ImageCity of Fort Collins ImageCity of Fort Collins ImageCity of Fort Collins ImageCompany Prizes

This season we will be starting a new tradition of a traveling trophy for each Company Category. The trophies will be awarded to companies based on the highest cumulative point totals of its employees at the end on the month. Additionally, we will be reporting the highest number of trips, highest commute rates and highest total mileage amongst companies in each category.

Company will be competing against other local companies of a similar size. Listed below are the Company Categories for the Challenge.

  • Choppers: 2-10 employees
  • High Wheelers: 11-20 employees
  • Tandems: 21-50 employees
  • Too Talls: 51-150 employees
  • Cruisers: 151 + employees

Getting Started

  1. Designate a Worksite Coordinator. This person will be the point of contact for FC Bikes, as well as will be responsible for encouraging employees to participate, ensuring employees document their commutes and disseminating results to employees.
  2. Sign up your business up with FC Bikes. The worksite coordinator should complete this form to enter your company in the Challenge.
  3. Sign up on  Instructions on how to register.
  4. Start logging trips!  Instructions on how to document trips. To help keep track of your weekly trips, use this handy printable calendar.