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Fort Collins Municipal Code

Fort Collins Building Code - Appendix F

Fort Collins Municipal Code Requires that commencing 6/4/1997, every seller shall provide radon information to the the party purchasing seller's property prior to the execution of any contract for such property.  Although City code does not require radon testing or mitigation, we urge everyone to test their home for radon.

After January 1, 2005, all new single-family and duplex housing in Fort Collins must be equipped with a radon reduction system during construction (Fort Collins Building Code Appendix F).  The system frequently relies on passive ventilation, thus avoiding the need for a fan, and can be concealed within the internal skeleton of the home.

Testing has shown the passive system reduces radon by half, on average. However, 35% of new homes still exceed 4 pCi/L with the required system installed. Homeowners should test for radon and, if further reduction is needed, have an in-line fan installed in the space provided. To learn more, call Fort Collins Building and Zoning at (970) 221-6760.

Colorado law requires that homeowners inform buyers if they are aware of a radon problem in the home they are selling. A radon problem means the home has been tested and the test indicated levels of 4 pCi/L or higher.

Buying and Selling in Fort Collins

When buying a home in Fort Collins, take time to test radon levels. If your dream home has high radon levels, does this mean you should walk away? Absolutely not! There are ways to effectively reduce radon levels in your future home. Of all the problems that a house can have, radon is one of the most easy to identify and fix. Radon can be reduced, either before you buy a home, or after you buy it and move in.

Radon information is required at point-of-sale in residential real estate transactions.

70% of Fort Collins Homes Have Radon Levels above EPA Acceptable Levels! The good news is, you can test your home for radon levels and fix any problems you find.

Landlord/Tenant Issues

There is no city, county or state ordinance that requires any homeowner, including landlords to mitigate radon.  If you've tested and found high levels and your landlord refuses to mitigate for radon, Neighborhood Services offers mediation for landlord-tenant issues.  

For reference take a look at the City of Fort Collins Landlord and Tenant Information page which include links to the Landlord Tenant Handbook.

HOA Restrictions

We are not aware of any HOAs in Fort Collins that have denied a homeowner the ability to install a radon mitigation system.  If you run into a problem with your HOA, get in touch with Neighborhood Services to see if community mediation can help solve the problem.