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Air Quality

Radon Testing & Mitigation with Epic Homes#

$100 Rebate for Crawlspace Mitigation#

$100 Rebate for Crawlspace Mitigation

The City of Fort Collins is starting a pilot program to encourage radon testing and mitigation for homes with a crawlspace. We are offering a $100 rebate for customers whose homes include a crawl space, when a radon mitigation system is bundled with a crawl space efficiency project completed in the Epic Homes program.

This rebate is only available until September 30, 2021, or until funds run out.

Epic Homes is run by the Fort Collins Utilities department. It is a streamlined, affordable approach for single-family homes and rental property energy efficiency upgrades. Refer to the Epic Homes webpage for more information.

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How to Qualify for the $100 Incentive#

To qualify for this incentive, you must be a Fort Collins Utility Electric customer, have an Epic Homes energy assessment done, and complete a crawl space insulation and air sealing project that is bundled with a radon mitigation system which qualifies for an Epic Homes rebate. In addition, the mitigation project must be completed by September 30, 2021.

The process is:

  • Sign up for an Epic Homes assessment.
  • During the Epic Homes assessment, an energy advisor will test your home for radon. If the level is above the EPA action level of 4 pCI/L, they will offer a project bundle which includes crawl space conditioning and radon mitigation.
  • The City will re-test your home after the mitigation is complete to ensure that the project was successful.
  • Apply for the rebate here.
  • When the project is complete, you will receive a certificate indicating that your home has been mitigated for radon along,with the final radon test results.

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Rebate Application#

Fill out this application to claim your rebate.

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