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2006 Citizen Survey Results


About 44 percent of respondents wrote comments in the space provided on the survey questionnaire. Table 20 summarizes these comments by topic. Many of them have been incorporated in the report, under the appropriate topic.

Table 20
Economic Health
Attract business and growth of high-paying jobs 4.8%
Be more business friendly 2.8%
Need more affordable housing 1.5%
Need more diverse retail 0.8%
Be more development friendly (retail and housing) 0.6%
Spend less on environment 0.1%
Air quality concerns 0.1%
Other environmental comments 0.4%
Neighborhood Quality
Concerned with rental homes in neighborhoods and enforcement of rental codes 2.9%
Better regulate types of houses permitted (size) 0.8%
Other neighborhood comments 0.5%
Community Safety
Concerned about violent crime 0.5%
Concerned about racial crime 0.1%
Other safety comments 2.7%
Culture, Recreation and Education
Keep Youth Activity Center open 3.9%
Need more funding for libraries 1.9%
Stop buying open space 1.9%
Need special library tax district 0.6%
Bring back library drop boxes 0.6%
Buy more open space 0.4%
Maintain parks and trails 0.3%
Other culture, recreation or education comments 1.9%
Improve signal timing/traffic flow 4.1%
Improve public transportation 3.8%
Improve bicycle commuting conditions 1.3%
Improve roads 1.0%
Spend less on public transportation 0.3%
Other transportation comments 2.2%
City Government
Need more efficient government 2.0%
Better management of retail and residential growth 1.7%
Decisions do not reflect citizen wishes 0.9%
Less government involvement 0.8%
Don't use water pricing and rates to manage water consumption 0.6%
Don't annex more property 0.4%
Difficult to deal with City 0.3%
Solicit more public input on issues 0.3%
Other government performance comments 2.0%
Other comments 7.9%