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2003 Citizen Survey Results


Sample Selection
Researchers randomly selected 1,790 Fort Collins households to receive the survey questionnaire. Of this total number, Survey Sampling, Inc. randomly selected and provided 1,700 household addresses from a sampling frame of listed household addresses within the Fort Collins jurisdictional boundaries. This sampling frame included off-campus housing for Colorado State University (CSU) students. Vantage Marketing Research, Inc. randomly selected an additional 90 addresses from a sampling frame of dormitory housing at CSU, and combined the two samples. Survey questionnaires and cover letters requested that one adult from each selected household complete the questionnaire. To ensure random selection of adult respondents, the cover letters and questionnaires asked each household to select the adult (if more than one in the household) who had most recently had a birthday.

Data Collection
Researchers mailed survey questionnaires to the selected households in early October 2003, and responses were accepted until November 14, 2003. Sample households were contacted up to three times in order to maximize the response rate. Prior to distributing questionnaires, each selected household received a notification card, telling the household of their selection and inviting them to participate. Survey questionnaires followed the cards after three days. After a period of two weeks, researchers mailed a follow-up questionnaire and cover letter to households that had not responded to the first questionnaire mailing. Tracking numbers on the questionnaires prevented second mailings to households that had responded to the first questionnaire mailing and to addresses that were vacant or otherwise undeliverable.

Sample Size, Response and the 95 Percent Confidence Interval
Of the 1,790 questionnaires distributed, 109 questionnaires could not be delivered, leaving a sample of 1,681 eligible households. Adult citizens from 785 of these households responded by returning completed questionnaires, representing a response rate of approximately 47 percent. The maximum sampling margin of error for this sample size, at the 95 percent confidence level, is plus-or-minus 3.5 percentage points (the 95 percent confidence interval).
Data Weighting
Survey data have been weighted so that the results proportionally reflect the adult Fort Collins population, in terms of age and gender, as measured by the 2000 Census. Responses from each age and gender group are represented in the proportions shown in the table below.

Census 2000 Summary File 1
Age Male Female Totals
18-24 14% 14% 28%
25-44 21% 19% 40%
45-64 11% 11% 22%
65 and older 4% 6% 10%
Totals 50% 50% 100%