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2003 Citizen Survey Results

City of Fort Collins 2003 Citizen Survey

During October and November of 2003, the City of Fort Collins surveyed, by mail, a randomly selected sample of adult Fort Collins citizens. The research objectives were to:

  1. Measure citizen ratings of Fort Collins as a community.
  2. Measure the performance of City government, services, programs, facilities and employees.
  3. Gather citizen input in setting long-term budget priorities.
  4. Measure citizen support for several economic development options.
  5. Identify the primary and secondary sources used by citizens to obtain information about City issues, services and programs.

The City received completed questionnaires from 785 adult (at least 18 years of age) citizens, representing a response rate of approximately 47 percent. The maximum sampling margin of error for this sample size, at the 95 percent confidence level, is plus-or-minus 3.5 percentage points (the 95 percent confidence interval).

Complete Survey Results (PDF - 51 pages/207K)